Past Lectures

Throughout the year, the Dean's Office in the Faculty of Arts hosts a number of special public lectures; past lectures are listed below.


  • Thursday, November 10
    Don't Panic, presented by journalist, author, and broadcaster Gwynne Dyer
    View on Youtube


  • Thursday 26 March
    The Fierce Urgency of Now: Global education as a gateway to creating critically informed, motivated, and globally competent citizens by Dr. Michael O'Sullivan, Brock University
  • Tuesday 4 February
    The New Global Security Agenda presented by Dr. Wesley Wark, professor emeritus, University of Toronto


  • Wednesday 12 November
    The 107th Timber Wolf Battalion and Indigenous Participation in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during World War One presented by Dr. James Daschuk, Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
    War and Revolution: Berlin and the Bolshevick Revolution presented by Dr. Thomas Bredohl, Department of History
  • Wednesday 22 October
    Traumatic Changes in Human Psyche: A brief history presented by Dr. Nicholas Carleton, Department of Psychology
    On the Economic Impact of the Great War on Canada presented by Dr. Stuart Wilson, Department of Economics
  • Wednesday 15 October
    Brushes with Death: The Great War and the Group of Seven by Dr. Ross King
  • Wednesday 24 September
    The Great War as Rupture in Anti-Heroic Comics presented by Dr. Sylvain Rheault, Department of French
    The Great War and Film Propaganda presented by Dr. Christina Stojanova, Department of Film Studies
  • Wednesday 26 March
    1914-18 as a Turning Point in Music presented by Dr. Pauline Minevich, Department of Music
    The Soldier’s Death: 1914-18 as Turning Point presented by Dr. Ian Germani, Department of History
  • Wednesday 26 February
    Torn to Ribbons: Virginia Woolf’s Experimental Novels and the Great War presented by Dr. Kathleen Wall, Department of English
    Imagist Poetry: Fragmentation and the Wish for Wholeness presented by Dr. Alex MacDonald, Department of English, Campion College
  • Wednesday 22 January
    1914 and "History’s Bloodiest Century" – Normality, Singularity, or Anomaly? presented by Dr. Martin Hewson, Department of Political Science
    The Great War and the Idea of Progress presented by Dr. James A. Leith, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University, Kingston


  • Wednesday 25 September 
    University From the Inside Out and Outside In
    presented by The Globe and Mail National Affairs Columnist Jeffrey Simpson
  • Thursday 3 October
    Remembering the Great War 100 Years After
    presented by Professor Jay Winter, Charles J. Stille Professor of History, Yale University
  • Thursday 24 October
    From backpack to briefcase with presenters Todd Dixon, Kelley McNeil, Brad Farquhar.
  • Wednesday 27 November
    The Non-British in Saskatchewan and the First World War presented by Dr. James M. Pitsula, Department of History
  • Thursday 23 May 
    Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process: The Socio-economic Impacts of the "Modern Era" of Uranium Mining on Northern Saskatchewan presented by James Irvine, MD and His Worship, Thomas Sierzycki, Mayor of La Ronge  (A video of this presentation is available. Clicking this link will launch the video in a new browser window.)


  • Wednesday 29 February
    Canada's Ministry of Aboriginal Assimilation and Private Property Development: still colonizing after all these years presented by Mary Eberts, Ariel F. Sallows Chair in Human Rights, College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Wednesday 28 March
    White Water Rafting down the waters of native humour by Drew Hayden Taylor, author, playwright and humourist


  • Tuesday 30 November
    The Canadian Forces in Afghanistan: Impact of the Manley Report on CF Operations presented by Colonel J.A.M. Bigaouette, CD, Commander 15 Wing Moose Jaw and Director of the NATO Flying Training Program in Canada