The academic study of religion applies the techniques of the humanities and social sciences to the vast spectrum of human practices that claim to be grounded in a transcendent, superhuman, or otherwise extraordinary level of reality. The student may aim to better and more rigorously understand specific religious traditions or specific religious phenomena in their historical, social, linguistic, and cultural contexts. Others may wish to explore questions of more global and comparative significance, with a view to making sense of religion (or aspects thereof) as shared, cross-cultural, broadly human behaviors. Courses are not designed to foster personal religious commitments or to evaluate to that end the relative merits of various religious practices, traditions, and points of view.

Religious studies relate in many ways to ALL fields of human knowledge. As such, our courses may be of relevance to all students, whether their major/minor fields of study or professional interests lie in fine arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, education, administration, social work, or engineering.

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