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Other Lectures in Religious Studies

Periodically, the Religious Studies Department supports lectures that do not fall within our regular lecture series offerings.


Michael Keefer, School of English and Theatre, University of Guelph, Anti-Semitism Real and Imagined: the attack on open debate and effective democratic discourse (sponsored by the Departments of Sociology and Social Studies, Religious Studies, and International Studies, University of Regina; Professor Shadia Drury, Canada Research Chair in Social Justice; Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Seriously Free Speech Committee, Vancouver).

Sidney Griffith, University of America, Living Together in Baghdad: Muslim-Christian Relations in Abbasid and Contemporary Times (sposnored by the Department of Religious Studies, the Canada Research Chair in Social Justice, Luther College, Campion College, Knox Metropolitan United Church, and the Regina Jesuit Community of Campion College).


Ira Chernus, University of Colorado, Apocalyptic Discourse in the White House: FDR to Obama (co-sponsored by Religious Studies).

Lori Beaman, University of Ottawa, Defining the Limits of Religious Freedom: What's Wrong with Reasonable Accomodation


Franvolker Greifenhagen, Garments of Truth and Deception in the Biblical and Qur'anic Stories of Joseph (sponsored by Religious Studies and Luther College).


Trinh T. Minh-ha, Distinguished Lecture: The Transcultural passage" (co-sponsored by Religious Studies).

Muhammed Ali Khalid, Orientalism and Islamic Philosophy (Special Speaker, Religious Studies).


María Caridad Cumaná González, Fundación del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano and the University of Havana, Religion in Cuba (Public Lecture with video, sponsored by Religious Studies and the RSSA).

Peter Larisey, Religion in Modern and Contemporary Art and the Need for an Aesthetic Conversion in the Contemporary Church (Public Lecture, sponsored by Religious Studies, Fine Arts, Campion College).

Peter Larisey, Religion in Modern and Contemporary Art & The Culture of Reaction (Public Lecture, sponsored by Religious Studies, Fine Arts, Campion College).

Achok Rinpoche, How Buddhism is teaching Science to Tibetan Monks (Public Lecture, co-sponsored byReligious Studies, Anthropology).


Russell McCutcheon, University of Alabama, Religion and the Lust for Dogmatic Rule: Toward a Social Theory of the Rhetoric of Faith (Special Speaker, Religious Studies).

Aaron Hughes, University of Calgary, Jews are Good to Think with: Muslim Representations of the Other (Special Speaker, Religious Studies).

Qing Xitai, Institute of Daoist Studies, Sichuan University, Chengdu, PR, China, Taoist Culture and Modern Life (Special Speaker, Religious Studies).


Bryan Harris, Himalayan Visions and Tibetan Voices (Multi-media event hosted by Religious Studies).


Evgeny Torchinov, Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies St Petersburg State University, Russia, Religious Daoism and External Alchemy (Special Speaker, Religious Studies).


Shanaz Khan, St. Francis Xavier, NS, Zina and the moral regulation of Pakistani Woman (Transdisciplinary project, sponsored by Religious Studies and Women's Studies).

Kay MacDonald, Saskatoon,  Christian Openings to Other Religions (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Cyril Kesten, Faculty of Education, University of Regina, A Father's Recounting of the March of the Living: Reflections on the Holocaust (special speaker, Religiious Studies).


Bill Arnal, New York University, Parable of the Tenants (Religious Studies Public Lecture).

Riffat Hassan, University of Louisville, Kentucky and Dr. Roland Miller, Luther Northwestern Seminary, St. Paul, Islam in the Contemporary World (Workshop, sponsored by Religious Studies, Campion College, and Luther College).


Blair Rutherford, Department of Anthropology, University of Regina, Understanding African Religions: Some Current Anthropological Approaches (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Leslie Kawamura, Department of Religious Studies, University of Calgary, Buddhism and the Contemporary World (Campion College and Religious Studies).

Chaksampa Tibetan Dance & Opera Company performance, MacKenzie Art Gallery (co-sponsored by Religious Studies).

Lobsang Samten, Creating a Sacred Place: The Art of the Sand Mandala (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Wheel of Life (Tibetan sand painting including construction and dispersal ceremony, Dunlop Art Gallery, co-sponsored by Religious Studies).


Will van den Hoonaard, St. Mary's Univeristy, Halifax, Exploring Near-To-The Heart Issues: The Equality of Women and men in the Canadian Baha'I Community (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Charles Malamoud, Director École 5, Sorbonne University, Paris, The Sacrificial Scene: Observances of the Rivalry between Myth & Ritual in Ancient India (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Noa Schwartz, Women's Resistance in Auschwitz (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Jacoba Kuikman, The Myth of the Feminist Jesus (instructors seminar, Religious Studies).

Susheela Kaushik, Director of Women's Development Centre, New Delhi, India, The Political Empowerment of Women in India (Public Lecture organized by Religious Studies and SHASTRI Institute).

Roy Bonisteel, Journalist, Media and Religion (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Karma Lekshe Tsomo, University of Hawaii, Living and Dying in Buddhist Culture (Special speaker, Religious Studies).

Pam Rajput, Dept. of Sociology, Chandigarh University, India,  Empowerment of Women in India (Public Lecture organized by Shastri Indo Canadian Institute Committee and Religious Studies).

Lamas of Ganden Jangtse Monastery, Joyful Wisdom Tour: Tibetan Music & Dance (Public Performance organized by Religious Studies and the RSSA).