Recent Publications in the Faculty of Arts

Across the many diverse departments of the Faculty of Arts, our faculty members are engaged in thought-provoking and ground-breaking research, innovation, and creative activity. The selected list of recent publications below are examples of the exciting avenues of research Arts faculty members are engaged in. From Indigenous literature and performance, to the oil and gas economy, to policing and criminal justice, to consumer spending and behaviour - scholarly publication in the Faculty of Arts spans the breadth of the liberal arts and humanities. Get to know our research and creative impact via the selected list of publications below (2018-present).

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Department of Anthropology


Londoño Sulkin, Carlos D. (forthcoming) The Import of Uncertainty in the Tragedy of an Amazonian Mensch. Hau: Journal of Ethnographic Theory.


Department of Economics


Childs, Jason and Stevens, Jason (2020) ‘A cannabis pricing mistake from California to Canada: government can’t tax cannabis optimally’, Applied Economics Letters. DOI: 10.1080/13504851.2020.1781764.  3.4.5. 6. 7. 8.
Childs, Jason and Stevens, Jason (2019) 'The state must compete: Optimal pricing of legal cannabis', Canadian Public Administration 62(4).
Galushko, Viktoriya, Çule, Monika and Gray Richard (2020) ‘Western Canadian producers’ attitudes towards wheat breeding funding’, Canadian Journal of Agriculture Economics.
Gamtessa, Samuel and Childs, Jason (2019) 'The potential for short-term energy efficiency improvement in Canadian industries', Energy Efficiency (12) pp:1937–1949.
Gamtessa, Samuel and Guliani, Harminder (2019) 'Are households with pro-environmental behaviors more likely to undertake residential energy-efficiency audits? Evidence from Canada', Energy Efficiency (3) pp. 1-14.
Guliani, Harminder and Çule, Monika (2020) 'The case for Gender considerate Tobacco Control Polices in Albania.’ Global Health Research and Policy (5/15).
Guliani, Harminder, Hadjistavropoulos, Thomas, Jin, Shan, and Lix, Lisa (2020) ‘Utilization of Health Care Resources by Long-term Care Residents as a Function of Pain Status’, Clinical Journal of Pain (36/6): pp. 472–479. doi: 10.1097/AJP.0000000000000826. 
Guliani, Harminder; Gamtessa, Samuel and Çule, Monika (2019) 'Factors affecting tobacco smoking in Ethiopia: evidence from the demographic and health surveys', BMC Public Health 19: 938.
Kleer, Richard (2019) 'When first we practice to deceive: an alternative account of the South Sea Bubble'. In Stefano Condorelli and Daniel Menning (eds.), Boom, bust, and beyond: new perspectives on the 1720 stock market bubble (Oldenbourg: De Gruyter, 2019), pp. 119-38.
Moeeni, Safoura (2021) 'Married Women's Labor Force Participation and Intra-household Bargaining Power', Empirical Economics (3/March). doi:10.1007/s00181-019-01800-7
Mirzaei, Omid, Natcher, DC, Micheels, E.T. (2020) 'Estimating the Regional Economic Impacts of First Nation Spending in Saskatchewan, Canada'. The Review of Regional Studies (50/1).
Razek, Noha and Michiekab, Nayakundi (2019) ‘OPEC and non-OPEC production, global demand, and the financialization of oil.’ Research in International Business and Finance 50:201-225.
Wilson, Stuart (2020) 'Weekend remand admissions and case review in Saskatoon', Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being 5(3) 127-132. 
Wilson, Stuart (2018) 'Assessing the impact of economic and demographic change on property crime rates in Western Canada', Journal of Community Safety and Well-Being (3/2) pp.52-58.
Zapata, Oscar and Honey-Rosés J. (2020) T'he Behavioral Response to Increased Pedestrian and Staying Activity in Public Space: A Field Experiment'. Environment and Behavior. August 2020. doi:10.1177/0013916520953147
Jordi Honey-Rosés, Isabelle Anguelovski, Vincent K. Chireh, Carolyn Daher, Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch, Jill S. Litt, Vrushti Mawani, Michael K. McCall, Arturo Orellana, Emilia Oscilowicz, Ulises Sánchez, Maged Senbel, Xueqi Tan, Erick Villagomez, Oscar Zapata and Mark J Nieuwenhuijsen (2020) 'The impact of COVID-19 on public space: an early review of the emerging questions – design, perceptions and inequities', Cities & Health DOI: 10.1080/23748834.2020.1780074
Honey-Rosés, J., Canessa, M., Daitch, S García J, Xavier A., and Oscar Zapata (2020) 'Comparing Structured and Unstructured Facilitation Approaches in Consultation Workshops: A Field Experiment', Group Decis Negot 29: 949–967.


Department of English

Book Publications

Performing Turtle Island: Indigenous Theatre on the World Stage (University of Regina Press, 2019)
Co-edited by Jesse Archibald-Barber
This book investigates theatre as a tool for community engagement, education, and resistance. Comprised of multidisciplinary and diverse perspectives, Performing Turtle Island considers performance as both a means to self-empowerment and self-determination, and a way of placing Indigenous performance in dialogue with other nations, both on the lands of Turtle Island and on the world stage.  

kisiskâciwan: Indigenous Voices from Where the River Flows Swiftly (University of Regina Press, 2018)
Edited by Jesse Archilbald-Barber

This groundbreaking anthology from territory that is now Saskatchewan, kisiskâciwan, includes rich oral narratives from Cree, Saulteaux, Nakoda, Dakota, Dene, and Metis cultures; early writings from Cree missionaries; speeches and letters by Treaty Chiefs; stories from elders; archival discoveries; and contemporary literary works in all genres.

William Blake’s Gothic Imagination: Bodies of Horror (Manchester University Press, 2018)
Co-edited by Chris Bundock
The Gothic movement disrupted politically and socially acceptable boundaries, bringing the dark side of human desires to light. William Blake's prominent writing within this movement was largely concerned with taboos and the consequences of their violation. This volume combines critiques of his work with Gothic studies in an effort to advance thinking in both fields.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s Art of Fiction: A Revaluation (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018)
By Nils Clausson
In this book, professor emeritus Clausson explores what the work of Doyle reveals about Victorian England's attitudes toward crime, class, empire, and gender, and aims to bring readers back to Doyle's works with a deeper understanding and enjoyment.

Honouring the Strength of Indian Women: Plays, Stories, Poetry
(University of Manitoba Press, 2019)
Co-edited by Michelle Coupal
This critical edition delivers a unique and comprehensive collection of the works of Ktunaxa-Secwepemc writer and educator Vera Manuel, daughter of prominent Indigenous leaders Marceline Paul and George Manuel. A vibrant force in the burgeoning Indigenous theatre scene, Vera was at the forefront of residential school writing and did groundbreaking work as a dramatherapist and healer and was a grassroots leader in bringing to light the stories of survivors and the therapeutic value of writing and performing arts.

The American Politics of French Theory: Derrida, Deleuze, Guattari, and Foucault in Translation (University of Toronto Press, 2018)
By Jason Demers 
In this book Demers argues that ideas are not developed within the vacuum of a discipline or a nation-state, but rather through various borders. Demers explains the cross-pollination of French philosophy, international activist movements, and American countercultures to demonstrate why, in an era of mass communication and global revolt, translation is best thought of as a web of associations.


Archibald-Barber, Jesse (2019) 'Performing the Bingo Game in Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters', in Performing Turtle Island: Indigenous Theatre on the World Stage, Jesse Archibald-Barber, Kathleen Irwin, and Moira Day (Eds). University of Regina Press.
Bandopadhyay, Sabujkoli (forthcoming in 2020) 'British Culture and Identity in 1930s Anglophone Literature from Australia, Canada and India', in The 1930s: A Decade of Modern British Fiction, Nick Hubble, Luke Seaber and Elinor Taylor (Eds). Bloomsbury Publishing.
Bandopadhyay, Sabujkoli (forthcoming) 'Intersections of Nationhood, Multiculturalism and Globalization in Indo-Canadian Fiction: A study of Anita Rao Badami’s Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?', in National Literature in Multination States, Albert Braz and Paul Morris (Eds). University of Alberta Press.
Bandopadhyay, Sabujkoli (2018) 'Contextualizing the Idea of the British Working-Class: A Reading of Mulk Raj Anand’s Coolie', Working Class Writing: Theory and Practice, Ben Clarke and Nick Hubble (eds) pp. 187-206. Palgrave Macmillan. 
Bandopadhyay, Sabujkoli (2018) 'Politics of Engagement and Empowerment in the Genre of the Testimonio', Jadavpur Journal of Comparative Literature (54): pp. 91-108.
Battis, Jes (forthcoming 2021) 'Blue Histories: Thinking With Sadness in the Middle Ages', in Re/Visioning Depression, Robin McDonald (Ed). Palgrave.
Battis, Jes (forthcoming 2021) 'Teaching the Pop Cultural Middle Ages', in Out of the Cloister: The Lone Medievalist Anthology, Kisha Tracy and John Sexton (Eds). Punctum Books.
Battis, Jes (2020) 'Residual Lo-Fi: Queer and on the Spectrum', Medium (April)
Battis, Jes (2020) 'Breaking Bread: Queer Foodways and the Nonhuman', in Canadian Culinary Imaginations, Shelley Boyd and Dorothy Barenscott (Eds) pp. 632-661. McGill-Queen’s University Press.
Battis, Jes (2019) 'Physio' [poem], The Maynard (Spring).
Battis, Jes (2019) 'Auntie Matter' [poem], Poetry is Dead (20).
Battis, Jes (2019) 'Medieval Eunuchs in Game of Thrones', The Public Medievalist (Nov).
Battis, Jes (2019) '"No Crime to Be Bashful": Social Anxiety in the Drama of Margaret Cavendish', Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal (52/2) pp. 167-184.
Coupal, Michelle (2019) 'Narrative Acts of Truth and Reconciliation: Teaching the Healing Plays of Vera Manuel', in Honouring the Strength of Indian Women: Plays, Stories, Poetry by Vera Manuel (University of Manitoba Press).
DeCoste, Marcel (forthcoming) '"One Among and not Separate From": Fallen Communion and Forfeit Community in Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing', Christianity and Literature.
DeCoste, Marcel (2019) 'Confessing Compassion: Waugh’s Penitential Performance in Sword of Honour', Logos (22/3): pp. 156-81.
DeCoste, Marcel (2018) “Contested Confessions: The Sins of the Press and Evelyn Waugh’s False Penance in The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold', Logos (21/3): pp. 64-81.
James, Anne and Shami, Jeanne “GEMMS (Gateway to Early Modern Manuscript Sermons 1530–1715): Confronting the Challenges of Sermons Research,” Digital Studies/Le champ numérique 9 (1), 21, DOI:
'Johnston, Susan (2019) 'When Are We Ever at Home? Exile and Nostalgia in the Work of Guy Gavriel Kay', in Canadian Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror: Bridging the Solitudes. Edited by Amy J. Ransom and Dominick Grace (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) 119-33.
Johnston, Susan (2019) 'Allohistorie I kontrfaktycznosci [Historical Fantasy and Alternate History] roundtable/colloquium', Creatio Fantastica (60/1) pp. 199-215.
Purdham, Medrie (2018) 'The Thimble's Bucket List' [poem] in Arc Poetry Magazine (87/Winter).
Purdham, Medrie (2018) 'This is What Happens' [poem] in Arc Poetry Magazine (87/Winter).
Riegel, Christian (2020) 'Writing grief: the fraught work of mourning in fiction', In Exploring Grief: Towards a Sociology of Sorrow, Michael Hviid Jacobsen and Anders Petersen (Eds) pp. 104-121. Routledge.
Riegel, Christian (2020) 'The Work of Mourning in Twentieth-Century Fiction', in Exploring Grief, Michael Hviid Jacobsen and Anders Petersen (eds). London: Routledge.
Riegel, Christian (2019) “Mourning, Memorial, and the Yizkor Books in Eli Mandel’s Out of Place', Poetry Criticism: Criticism of the Most Significant and Widely Studied Poets of World Literature, Vol. 208, Jonathan Vereeke (Ed), pp. 283-292. Gale Cengage. [Reprint]
Riegel, Christian (2018) 'World Making: Poetry and Landscape of the Prairies', Canadian Poetry (83): pp. 136-140.
'Schnell, Melanie (2018) 'Survival/Memory' [poem] Grain Magazine (Summer).
Trussler, Michael (2020) 'Uncanny Tracks in the Snow; or, Alice Munro as Assemblage Artist', in J.R. (Tim) Struthers (Ed). Guernica Press.
Trussler, Michael (2020) 'Melancholy Girl with a Sitar' [poem] The Alfred Gustav Press.
Trussler, Michael (2019) 'The Nights the Child Dreams of Numbers' [poem] in Vallum (16/2) pp. 14-15.
Trussler, Michael (2019) 'Salvador Dali and the Glacier' [poem] in Canary (46/Fall).
Trussler, Michael (2019) 'If You Worry About the Globe Spinning Out of Control' [poem] in Angry Old Man (7).
Trussler, Michael (2019) 'Of these things I’m certain' [poem] in Discourse (6/2, Fall 2019/Winter 2020).
Trussler, Michael (2018) 'Light’s Alibi' [poem] The Alfred Gustav Press.
Trussler, Michael (2018) 'Nachträglichkeit ↔ Nachträglichkeit', Grain (45/3, Spring) [creative non-fiction].
Wilson, Ken (forthcoming in 2020) 'White Man Walking: Settler Ambulation in Colonized Spaces', in Walking Bodies Papers, Provocations, Actions from Walking’s New Movements, the Conference, (Eds) Phil Smith, Helen Billinghurst, and Claire Hindt. Triarchy Press.
Wilson, Ken (2020) “Wood Mountain Walk and the Possibilities of Relationship in Solo Walking Performance', Canadian Theatre Review 182.
Wilson, Ken (2020) 'Place and Space in Walking Pilgrimage', International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (8/1).
Wilson, Ken (2019) 'Wood Mountain Walk: Afterthoughts on a Pilgrimage for Andrew Suknaski', International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (7/1): pp. 123-34.


Department of Gender, Religion and Critical Studies

Book Publications

Models of leadership in the Adab narratives of Joseph, David and Solomon: Lament for the Sacred (Lexington, 2018)
By Sami Helewa
This book maintains that the adab side of the Tales of the Prophets, as astutely compiled from Baghdād and Nīshāpūr, mirror interesting cultural nuances of expected leadership inherent in these great cities of learning. This book is for those interested in the Sīra genre, the overall Qiṣaṣ genre, the inheritance of prophets, the adab of religious writing, the advice literature, and the history of Baghdād and Nīshāpūr.


Department of Geography and Environmental Studies


Eaton, Emily and Day, Nick (2020) 'Petro-Pedagogy: Fossil Fuel Interests and the Obstruction of Climate Justice in Public Education'. Environmental Education Research (26/4): pp. 457-473.
Gray-Donald, David and Eaton, Emily (2019) 'A Just Transition Requires a Planned Economy. But whose Plan?' Briarpatch Magazine 48(6): 28-31.
Fehr, Carla and Eaton, Emily (2019) 'Stopping Monsanto: Coalition Building Against rBGH and GM Wheat', in Desmarais, A. A. Frontline Farmers: How the National Farmers Union Resists Agribusiness and Creates our New Food Future. Nova Scotia: Fernwood.
Eaton, Emily and Enoch, Simon (2018) 'Oil’s Rural Reach: Social License in Saskatchewan’s Oil-Producing Communities', Canadian Journal of Communication (43/1): pp. 53-74.
Eaton, Emily and David Gray-Donald (2018) 'Socializing and Decolonizing Saskatchewan's Oil', Briarpatch Magazine 47(3) pp. 16-21. 
Enoch, Simon and Emily Eaton (2019) 'Crude Lessons: Fossil Fuel Industry Influence on Environmental Education in Saskatchewan'. Regina: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: pp. 1-21.
Enoch, Simon and Eaton, Emily (2018) 'A Prairie Patchwork: Reliance on Oil Industry Philanthropy in Saskatchewan Boom Towns'. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Regina). pp. 1-21.
Olive, Andrea; Eaton, Emily and Besco, Randy (2018) 'Winds of Change: Saskatchewan’s Attitudes on Energy, Environment and Oil'. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Regina). pp. 1-16.
Barrett, DC and Hodder, Kyle (2018) 'Bacteria-sediment associations in an alpine, freshwater environment and their effects on particle size, density and settling velocity', Earth Surface Processes and Landforms DOI: 10.1002/esp.4389.
Kerr, S.A., Andreichuk, Y., and Sauchyn, D.J. (2019). Re-Evaluating the Climate Factor in Agricultural Land Assessment in a Changing Climate – Saskatchewan, Canada. Land, 8(49):
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Mathews, Vanessa (2018) 'Reusing Buildings', Of Land & Living Skies: A Community Journal on Place, Land, and Learning (8/Fall).
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Zhou, Xiong; Guohe Huang; Joseph Piwowar; Yurui Fan; Xiuquan Wang; Zoe Li; Guanhui Cheng (2018) "Hydrologic impacts of PRECIS-projected climate changes in the Athabasca River Basin, Canada", J. Hydrometeorology. pp: 1953-1971.
Hussein, Esam, Irfan Al-Anabagi, Stephen Bend, Kathryn Bethune, Janis Dale, Grant Ferguson, Ramakrishna Gokaraju, Gordon Huang, Dena McMartin, Babak Mehran, Dwight Newman, Joseph Piwowar, Satish Sharma, and Douglas Wagner (2018) "A Case Study on Introducing Small Modular Reactors into a New Non-Nuclear Jurisdiction". Proceedings, 38th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society, Saskatoon, 3-6 June 2018.
Techarat, Pet, Amornvadee Veawab, Joseph M Piwowar, and Magfur Rahman (2018) "Mapping Spatial Distribution of Ambient Particulate Matter and Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations Using LANDSAT Data: A Case Study for the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada", Chapter 5 in Daniels, Justin A. (ed) Advances in Environmental Research (62): pp. 153-189.
Konrad V., Laine J.P., Liikanen I., Scott J.W., and Widdis, Randy (2019) 'The Language of Borders', in Brunn S., Kehrein R. (eds) Handbook of the Changing World Language Map (Springer, Cham) pp. 1-17.
Widdis, Randy (2018) Railways and Borderlands:The Canada-US Case, The Canadian Geographer (63/1) pp. 11-26.


Department of History

Book Publications

Purchasing Power: Women and the Rise of Canadian Consumer Culture (University of Toronto Press, 2020)
By Donica Belisle
With a focus on women during the early twentieth century, this book reveals that for thousands of Canadians between the 1890s and World War II, consumption was about not only survival, but also civic expression. Offering a new perspective on the temperance, conservation, home economics, feminist, and co-operative movements, this book brings women’s consumer interests to the fore.
Where Once They Stood: Newfoundland’s Rocky Road to Canada
(University of Regina Press, 2019)
Co-edited by Raymond Blake

This book challenges popular notions that those who voted against Confederation in 1869 and for union in 1948 were uninformed and gullible. The authors demonstrate that voters fully understood the issues at stake in both cases and how women became instrumental in determining the final outcome. Where They Once Stood was named in The Hill Times’ List of 100 Best Non-Fiction Canadian Books in 2019.
Celebrating Canada: Commemorations, Anniversaries, and National Symbols (University of Toronto Press, 2018)
Co-edited by Raymond Blake
The longstanding debate about whether there is a Canadian identity has been fueled by imperialism, cultural and racial division, and stereotypes. In this book Blake examines government-sponsored celebrations that have attempted to shape a Canadian identity, and the individuals and groups that have resisted them.
Rape in Chicago: Race, Myth, and the Courts (University of Illinois Press, 2018)
By Dawn Rae Flood
In this re-release, Flood explores and challenges the role of the state in affording protections to victims and the accused in rape cases. This examination incorporates legal studies, medical history, and personal accounts to illustrates how defense strategies evolved in the broader cultural landscape with respect to sex and racial stereotypes between the 1930s and the 1970s.
Loss of Indigenous Eden and the Fall of Spirituality (University of Regina Press, 2020)
By Blair Stonechild
Stonechild examines the contemporary relevance of Indigenous spiritual teachings passed down by Elders, and illustrates how global human actions have resulted in destructive relationships with the natural world and a loss of respect for spirituality. He argues that ultimately, international reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and their cultures will be necessary for human survival.


Belisle, Donica (2020) 'Eating Clean: Anti-Chinese Sugar Advertising and the Making of White Racial Purity in the Canadian Pacific', Global Food History (6/1) pp. 41-59.
Beslisle, Donica (2019) 'Crafting the Consumer Workforce', in Advertising, Consumer Culture and Canadian Society: A Reader. Kyle Asquith (Ed): pp. 39-52. Toronto: Oxford University Press.
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Blake, Raymond (2018) 'Newfoundland’s 1948 Referendum: A People’s Victory?', Active History, 23 July.
Petry, Yvonne (2019) 'The Peregrinations of Guillaume Postel: Journey, Religious Syncretism and Prophecy', in N. Terpstra (ed) Reframing Reformation: Understanding Religious Difference in Early Modern Europe. Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.


School of Journalism


Elliott, Patricia W. (2018) 'Campus-newsroom collaborations: Building bridges for investigative journalism', in M. Huff and A.L. Roth (eds) Censored 2019: Fighting the fake news invasion. New York: Seven Stories Press. pp. 227-241.
Cribb, R., Sonntag, P., Wrobel, M., Elliott, Patricia W. (2018, Oct. 16) '"Off the chart" air quality readings in Saskatchewan’s southeast raise new concerns – but little public warning.' An investigative feature simultaneously published by the Toronto Star, Global News and the National Observer (Price of Oil series collaboration).
Elliott, Patricia W. (2018) 'Confronting Risk at the Crossroads of Media Freedom in Burma', Sur le journalisme, About journalism, Sobre jornalismo (7/1 – 2018, 15 juin – June 15 – 15 de junho) pp: 64-79.


Department of Justice Studies

Book Publications

Sexual Regulation and the Law: A Canadian Perspective (Demeter Press, 2019)
Co-edited by James Gacek
This volume examines the links between the history of law and modern legal judgments and explores the uncomfortable line between morality and modern regulation. Among other contemporary legal issues explored are the interplay between emerging digital technologies and legal regulation, and the ways the potential violence inherent in modern sexual digital expression represent a new frontier in the regulation of sex and sexuality in Canada.

Exploring Criminal Justice in Canada, 2nd edition (Oxford University Press, 2020)
By Rick Ruddell
This accessible examination of the Canadian criminal justice system his text introduces students to the realities of criminal justice in today's world. Drawing on case studies, media issues, and controversies, this book critically examines the organization and function of the criminal justice system and the individuals, social values, and legal systems that shape Canadian criminal justice institutions.

Making Sense of Criminal Justice, 3rd edition (Oxford University Press, 2018)
Co-written by Rick Ruddell
Rather than providing students with easy answers, this introductory text challenges them to think critically about how the criminal justice system deals with challenging situations - like the use of force by the police - and offers a framework for lively classroom discussions and debates.


Gacek, James (2020) 'Corporate Greenwashing and Canada Goose: Exploring the Legitimacy-Aestehtic Nexus', International Journal for Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy (9/1: pp. 1-15).
Ricciardelli, R., Carleton, N., Gacek, James and Grohl, D. (Forthcoming Summer 2020) 'Understanding needs, breaking down barriers: Examining mental health challenges and wellbeing of correctional staff in Ontario, Canada', Frontiers in Psychology.
Gacek, James, Jochelson, R., amd Dueck-Reid, A. (Forthcoming Spring 2020) 'Critiquing the Conception of "Crimes against Nature": The Necessity for a New "Natural" Law', invited submission to the International Journal of Offender Rehabilitation and Comparative Criminology (Special Issue: Guest Editor Bill McClanahan).
Gacek, James and Ricciardelli, R. (Forthcoming Fall 2020) 'Constructing, Assessing and Managing the Risk Posed by Intoxicants in Federal Prisons', Manitoba Law Journal.
Gacek, James and Ricciardelli, R. (Forthcoming Fall 2020) 'Rethinking punishment: Prison research and the (un)intended challenges of institutional research ethics review', in J.I. Ross and F. Viannella (Eds.). Convict Criminology for the Future. Routledge.
Gacek, James and Jochelson, R. (2020) 'Animals as Something More than Mere Property: Interweaving Green Criminology and Law', Social Sciences (9/7): p. 122. (Special Issue: Guest Editors Bill McClanahan, Avi Brisman).
Gacek, James and Sparks, R. (Forthcoming Summer 2020) 'The carceral state and the interpenetration of interests: commercial, governmental, and civil society interests in criminal justice', in Marketisation and Privatisation of Criminal Justice, edited by Kevin Albertson, Mary Corcoran, and Jake Phillips. University of Bristol: Policy Press. Pp. 47-58.
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Jochelson, R. and Gacek, James (2019) 'Indecency and Obscenity Jurisprudence in Canada: From Hicklin to Post-Labaye – A (Tall) Tale of Risk?', in Richard Jochelson and James Gacek (Eds.), Sexual Regulation and the Law – A Canadian Perspective. Bradford, ON: Demeter Press. Pp. 19-56. 
Jochelson, R., Dueck-Read, A., and Gacek, James (2019) 'Rethinking Bestial Regulation: Bestiality Jurisprudence in Canada' in Richard Jochelson and James Gacek (Eds.), Sexual Regulation and the Law – A Canadian Perspective. Bradford, ON: Demeter Press. Pp. 209-259.
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Department of Philosophy



Orphic Tradition and the Birth of the Gods (Oxford University Press, 2018)
By Dwayne A. Meisner
This book is the first detailed analysis of the Orphic theogonic tradition in English since Martin West's in 1983 and contributes a new perspective to a century-long debate in the field of Greek religion. The book makes original arguments about the nature of four theogonies, and the deities featured in them.


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Piercy, Robert (2019) 'Brian O’Connor. Idleness: A Philosophical Essay', Review in Philosophy in Review (39/2): pp. 89-91.


Department of Politics and International Studies

Book Publications

Dealing with Peace: The Guatemalan Campesino Movement and the Post-Conflict Neoliberal State (University of Toronto Press, 2019)
By Simon Granovsky-Larsen
This book presents the struggles of the Guatemalan campesino (peasant) social movement during the country’s post-conflict transition from 1996 to the present, focusing on efforts to obtain land and improve livelihoods within a shifting, yet consistently hostile, political-economic environment, and with special focus on the relationship between the movement and the neoliberal state.

Organized Violence: Capitalist Warfare in Latin American
(University of Regina Press, 2019)

Co-edited by Simon Granovsky-Larsen
While official stories say that violence in Latin America is a product of criminal activity and the drug trade, this volume exposes how that narrative serves corporate and state interests and de-politicizes events that have more to do with logistics infrastructure, social control, and the extractive industries than with cocaine.

Intimate Integration: A History of the Sixties Scoop and the Colonization of Indigenous Kinship (University of Toronto Press, 2020)
By Allyson Stevenson
In this book Stevenson documents the rise and fall of North American transracial adoption projects, including the Adopt Indian and Métis program and the Indian Adoption project. She illustrates how removing Indigenous children from Indigenous families and communities contributed to the 'Sixties Scoop', and sheds light on the complex reasons behind social inequalities that persist in child welfare today.

The Art of Global Power: Artwork and Popular Cultures as World-Making Practices (Routledge 2020,)
Edited by Emily Merson

Artwork and popular cultures are crucial sites of contesting and transforming power relationships in world politics. The contributors to this edited collection draw on their experiences across arts, activist, and academic communities to analyze how the global politics of colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy are expressed and may be transformed through popular cultures and artistic labour.

Federalism and National Diversity in the 21st Century (Palgrave, 2020)
Co-edited by Arjun Tremblay
This edited volume explores the obstacles to and opportunities for the development and entrenchment of a sustainable and representative multinational federalism, concluding that the way forward likely depends on the emergence of a specific set of norms and a receptiveness to the complex institutional design.

Diversity in Decline? The Rise of the Political Right and the Fate of Multiculturalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019)
By Arjun Tremblay
Tremblay's book examines multiculticulturalism within the context of an increasing turn to right-wing politics. It aims to bring to light the conditions under which multiculturalism is most likely to survive under right-wing governments and provides insight into the possible fate of other traditionally left-leaning political projects.

Back to Blakeney: Revitalizing the Democratic State (University of Regina Press, 2019)
Co-edited by John Whyte
In this edited volume, a diverse set of scholars reflect on former Saskatchewan premier Allan Blakeney’s achievements, his constitutional legacy, and the challenges facing democracy today. Co-editor and Politics and International Studies professor emeritus John Whyte contributes a chapter on Blakeney’s contribution to constitutional reform.


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Merson, Emily (2020) 'Introduction: Artwork and Popular Cultures as World-Making Practices', in E. Merson (ed) The Art of Global Power: Artwork and Popular Cultures as World-Making Practices (Routledge).


 Department of Psychology

Book Publications

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Using Evidence to Advance Research, Practice, Policy, and Prevention (Elsevier, 2019)
Co-edited by Gordon Asmundson
This book provides a summary of the past 20 years of ACEs research, as well as provides guidance for the future directions for the field. It includes a review of the original ACEs Study, definitions of ACEs, and how ACEs are typically assessed. Adverse Childhood Experiences is an evidence-based resource for professionals working with children and families, including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, lawyers, judges, as well as public health leaders, policy makers, and government delegates.

Pain Management for Older Adults: A Self-help Guide, 2nd edition
(Wolters Kluwer, 2019)

Edited by Thomas Hadjistavropoulos and Heather Hadjistavropoulos
This book is designed specifically for older adults who seek practical solutions for managing their chronic pain. Written by pain researchers and experienced health care professionals, this book offers effective methods and techniques to improve the quality of life for people with persistent pain.


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Department of Sociology and Social Studies

Book Publications

The Prairie Populist: George Hara Williams and the Untold Story of the CCF (University of Regina Press, 2018)
By John Conway

George Hara Williams was arguably the most successful of the early leaders of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), yet his contribution to the party is now almost forgotten. This book documents Williams’ role in building the CCF and bringing it to the threshold of power, and explains how the party machinations led to his defeat as leader: a story that, until now, has never been fully told.

The Financialization of Agri-Food Systems: Contested Transformation Financialization
(Routledge, 2018)
Co-edited by André Magnan
This book contends that the actions of financial actors, and their financial logics, are transforming agri-food systems in profound ways. The book illustrates that although financialization is a powerful dynamic, some recent developments suggest that the rollout of financialization is contradictory and uneven in different spaces and markets. The authors address not only the limits to financialization, but also the mechanisms through which financial entities are able to penetrate and re-shape agri-food industries.



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