Happy holidays from the Faculty of Arts!


Happy holidays
Joyeuses fêtes
Jwayeu Nowel

Your friends in the Faculty of Arts wish you a holiday season
full of peace, joy and renewal.


We are delighted to share with you all our 2020 holiday card. It features an original piece titled  ‘Rabbit (aen lyayv)’, by Saskatchewan-based Métis artist Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett.

Poitras-Jarrett is the creator of the Métis Spirit Animal series of paintings, composed of animal motifs and Métis beadwork art, symbolizing the connections that the Métis people have with animals, plants and nature, and celebrating the vibrant floral beadwork tradition of the Métis. "The Métis people have been known as the 'Flower Beadwork People' throughout colonial history", writes Poitras-Jarrett. "Flower beadwork continues to be crafted on clothing, pouches, covers and jewelry. Métis floral beadwork adorance is our way of giving thanks to the plant world that continues to provide us with an abundance of food, medicine and joy".

Poitras-Jarrett’s artwork so vividly evokes the spirit of kahkiyaw kiwâhkômâkaninawak – All Our Relations. This is a foundational commitment of the University of Regina’s strategic plan and acknowledges the interconnectedness of all our human and non-human familial relations.

She writes: “My Kokum’s creativity and determination inspired my art. She lived in a two room house on Jackrabbit Road on the road allowance in Lebret, Saskatchewan. There she raised eleven children with her husband Gregoire Poitras. During the winter months she lived with us, as her home lacked amenities. Lovingly we would string beads for her gorgeous necklaces. For our efforts she gave us a nickel per string, which would go full circle in an evening game of rummy. The sales of her necklaces provided her with extra income for living expenses. The elders in my youth were positive role models and always encouraged my creative nature. My art celebrates the Flower Beadwork People and our connection to Mother Earth.”

We wish you and all your relations a joyful holiday season and our kindest wishes for the new year.