Honouring The Buffalo

“The buffalo skulls at the lower part of the painting represent the sacrifices the buffalo made in our past history. Buffalo were the main source of survival for the Indigenous people before their decimation. The Métis flower beadwork blooming upward represents new life and hope for Indigenous people and giving thanks to the buffalo.”

We are delighted to share the Faculty of Arts' 2021 note card, featuring ‘Honouring the Buffalo’, an original piece by Saskatchewan-based Métis artist Phyllis Poitras-Jarrett. Poitras-Jarrett is the founder and creator of Métis Spirit Arts original artwork and design. Symbolizing the connections that the Métis people have with animals, plants and nature, Poitras-Jarrett’s artwork so vividly evokes the spirit of kahkiyaw kiwâhkômâkaninawak – All Our Relations. This is a foundational commitment of the University of Regina’s strategic plan and acknowledges the interconnectedness of all our human and non-human familial relations.

Poitras-Jarrett's art was also featured on our 2020 holiday card, with an original piece titled ‘Rabbit (aen lyayv)'.


17 March 2021