The Faculty of Arts - A Celebration of Research Success

Scholars in the Faculty of Arts are involved in an extraordinarily diverse variety of research and creative activity, both curiosity and discovery-driven and applied. We are home to research and creative activity that has regional, national, and global impacts, and as such, the Faculty of Arts plays a significant role in shaping the University of Regina’s reputation as a centre of innovation and excellence.

This report highlights the books, chapters, refereed and non-referees articles, other publications, conference presentations, and community service activities reported by you, our faculty members, from the years 2015-2021. It is an attempt to document, highlight, and above all celebrate the amazing diversity of research and creative activity within the Faculty of Arts. We thank all who contributed to its compilation by notifying us of your incredible accomplishments.

The Faculty of Arts is committed to the creation of new knowledges, scholarly publications, creative endeavours, and community-based research that benefits the broader academic community as well as the world around us. Congratulations to all the Faculty of Arts dedicated researchers who do not cease from striving after excellence, building innovation and knowledge, and bettering our University and the communities we serve.

There is much for us all to be proud of! 



A note about Celebrating Research Success in the Faculty of Arts (2015-2021). We regret that in an effort to present the achievements of our contributors in a way that was clear, concise and uniform, transcription errors were made that in some cases could serve to misrepresent the bibliographic data. The Errata document below seeks to correct such errors.