Student Achievements

Students in the Faculty of Arts - at both the graduate and undergraduate level - are excelling in the things they are passionate about. Be it through research, awards, scholarships or community work, students across all departments of the Faculty of Arts are making their mark. The following are just a few recent accomplishments. 

Justice Studies Students are Nationally Published (October 2017)
Three Justice Studies students have had papers accepted by the Canadian Criminal Justice Association's national publication, Justice Report: current students Cheyenne Esmond, Kristen Prentice, and recent grad Alexandria Johnson.

Anthropology Student Wins Best Poster Award (May 2017)
MA Student Nathan McAllister (Department of Anthropology) has won the Canadian Anthropology/La Societe de Canadienne d'Anthropologie Award for Best Student Poster Presentation at this year's annual conference. Nathan, who is working under the supervision of Dr. Susanne Kuehling, conducted ethnographic fieldwork in the Massim region of Papua New Guinea last year. His poster, 'Movement in Kula Relationships', is based on this field research and illustrates how movement plays a pivotal role in the formation and maintenance of social relationships in the world of inter-island reciprocal trade.

Desnomie Mason and LeBouthillier
Cheyanne Desnomie Julia Mason and Daniel LeBouthillier

History Student's MA Research Examines an Understudied Colonial History (April 2017)
History MA student Cheyanne Desnomie's groundbreaking research has already been published by the peer-reviewed Nebraska Press. Desnomie is from the Peepeekisis Cree Nation (located on Treaty 4 land near Belcarres, Saskatchewan). Her research reveals the colonial roots of a social divide that continues to the present day. She describes the history of Peepeekisis as an attempt by the federal government to impose a 'radical experiment in Aboriginal experimental assimilation and colonial policies' in an attempt to create 'an agrarian First Nation utopia'. Heralded as success at the time, Desnomie's research reveals a sad legacy. 'It becomes apparent under a close examination that the project was rife with eugenic implications, land displacement, and a general disregard for the original members of the Peepeekisis band.' Desnomie is a alumni of the UofR Anthropology Department (BA Hons 2014) and is also a student success facilitator at the UofR Aboriginal Student Centre. Desnomie's research is also profiled in the Spring/Summer edition of Discourses, the University of Regina's research publication. More >>>

Psychology Students Explore Links Between Exercise and Mental Health (April 2017)
Clinical Psychology students Julia Mason (an MA student) and Daniel LeBouthillier (a third-year undergraduate student) were recently profiled on the UofR homepage for their fascinating research. Under the direction of Dr. Gordon Asmundson (Department of Psychology), both are conducting studies that reveal the relationship between exercise (the type, the duration, etc) and mental health outcomes. 'We need to learn more about why exercise is helpful and what other factors, like physical fitness, are important to consider so that people who exercise for their mental health will have the best possible outcome', says LeBouthillier. Mason, who is also a personal trainer, will continue her studies at the PhD level next year. 'Pursuing graduate an exciting opportunity to utilize my background in exercise science to contribute to psychological research in a practical and meaningful way'. More >>>

JSchool Students Showcase Cutting-Edge Documentaries (April 2017)
School of Journalism students Cheryl Lu, Tennessa Wild, and Jessie Anton produced documentaries screened at the JSchool's annual Documentary Showcase. Documentaries produced at the UofR School have an award-winning reputation for excellence. Says Anton, 'You're given the tools here. You're given that one-on-one with the profs. They give you their time. And if you give them the time they will give you the time. I don't think I would be able to go to any other school and get that kind of dedication and support'. More >>>

Gonzales Novakowski Group photo
Josh Gonzales* Dallas Novakowski* Alina Perrault, Virginia Wright, Joshua Campbell,
and Sasha-Gay Lobban

Scholarship Win for Cougar Athlete and MA Student (January 2016)
Jonathon Tull, an MA student in the Department Sociology and Social Studies is also a basketball player with the UofR Cougars. He was recently awarded two scholarships: the Provincial Sport Governing Body's Student Athlete Award and the Cougar Men's Basketball Athletic Award.

Women's and Gender Studies Students Scholarship and Award Wins (April 2016)
Elizabeth Bailey was nominated for the 2016 Governor General's Award for her MA thesis 'Desire Lines: Trading Trails and Telling Tales of Lesbian Mothering'. Rebecca Lennex received the Academic Gold Scholarship and the Dr. Barbara Powell Award in Women's and Gender Studies. Alexandra McCudden received the Academic Gold Scholarship. Kelli McPhail received the Academic Silver Scholarship. Kiera Mitchell received the Carl and Irma Wagner Interdisciplinary Scholarship. Janelle White received the Academic Silver Scholarship and the Dr. Arthur Krentz Scholarship in Humanities. 

Outstanding Politics and International Studies Students (April 2016)
Amir Aboguddah was admitted to law school at the University of Toronto. Alex Cousins was admitted to graduate school at Queen's University and self-published a science fiction novella entitled Last Resort. Jayson Derow held internships at the Washington Center and the NATO Association of Canada, and was also admitted to the MA program at Queen's University.

Honours for Sociology and Social Studies Students (April 2016)
Tyler Perkins received the Academic Silver Scholarship and the Dawn Gaetz Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay in Sociology. Angela Culham and Mindy Lee Geres-Gudmundson received the Academic Silver Scholarship.

English Students Score Big Honours (April 2016)
Zoe Beaulieu Prpick received the Dr. John Archer Library Award. Credence McFadzean and Jessica Eggertson received SSHRC Scholarships.

Psychology Students Receive Prestigious QEII Scholarships (August 2016)
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships are prestigious scholarships that provide promising young scholars up to $18,000 in order to pursue short term study abroad. Psychology students Josh Gonzales and Dallas Novakowski are two of the very first UofR recipients. Novakowski, an MA student in Experimental and Applied Psychology will study risk-taking behaviour at the University Essex. Graduate student Gonzales, will study leadership and organizational behaviour at York St. John University in York, UK. 'These awards give me financial peace of mind and allow me to put my full attention and effort into doing the best research possible', he says. Both Novakowski and Gonzales also hold SSHRC MA Scholarships. More >>>

First Ever Graduates of JSchool MA Program Screen Documentaries (October 2016)
Alina Perrault, Virginia Wright, Joshua Campbell, and Sasha-Gay Lobban are the first graduates of the MA program in Journalism at the UofR. They presented their final film projects in the first Master of Journalism Project Showcase. Their hard-hitting documentaries 'represent the kind of in-depth public interest journalism that citizens want and need', says Patricia Eliott, JSchool assistant professor. The Journalism MA program is a one-year intensive professional degree, with an extra year of enhanced training and newsroom internship. More >>>

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