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    Scholarships & Awards

    The University of Regina offers various scholarship and award opportunities to new and current undergraduate students, including Entrance Awards and Undergraduate Continuing Awards. The Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid provides full details on these and other opportunities, including application requirements and deadlines to apply. It also provides information on External Awards for undergraduate students. These scholarship opportunities are NOT administered by the University of Regina, but may be open to you depending on your area of study and other factors.

    There are also many scholarship and award opportunities available to graduate students at the University of Regina. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research provides information on post-graduate funding opportunities that may be available to you, including Internal and External opportunities, faculty/department-specific awards, specially designated award opportunities, and conference travel funding.

    In addition, the following departments and programs in the Faculty of Arts offer undergraduate and/or graduate scholarships and award opportunities that are specific to students in those units.

    Area of Study

    Faculty of Arts Entrance Award

    Undergraduate and graduate students are strongly encouraged to investigate and apply to the various award opportunities open to them. You might be surprised to know that sometimes opportunities go unawarded simply because no one has applied for them.