The Department’s program of courses serves students far beyond providing a specialization in the discipline of sociology, and key interdisciplinary perspectives in the social sciences.

Students from all backgrounds will find a series of challenging elective courses which appeal to their interests in, and concerns about, developments in modern society.  These courses contribute to a broad liberal arts education, helping to ensure that graduates from the University are equipped with a more general education, including strong foundations in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Beyond that, such courses may resonate with students’ intellectual interests and personal learning goals as they seek a deeper understanding of the social world in which they live, and its problems, controversies and crises. 

If you are interested in the problems facing women, minorities or the poor, you will find a number of courses to satisfy your curiosity.  If you are concerned about the degradation of the environment and the crises of climate change, you will find this a focus of a number of courses.  If you wonder about the impacts of globalization and development/underdevelopment, you may find some answers.  These courses are designed to provide an introduction to a sociological approach on how to analyze and understand emerging problems, crises and controversies.

So if you want to know more about the roots of environmental disasters, violence in hockey, social injustice, the oppression of women, or the social determinants of both physical and mental health and illness, you will find intellectually challenging and informative courses.

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