H. P. Diaz

Professor Emeritus and Adjunct
PhD (York University); MA, BA (University of Chile)

Research interests

  • Sociology of development (Latin America)
  • Rural sociology (rural movements and organizations agricultural policies, social capital)
  • Sustainable development (environmental policies, environmental conflicts, adaptation to climate change)
  • Sociology of knowledge (social sciences and social policies)

Polo Diaz is a professor emeritus and adjunt of Sociology and Social Studies. He taught primarily about environmental issues,social science methodology, social theory, and development. His publications include articles and book chapters on social capital and social cohesion in rural Saskatchewan, climate change, processes of change in rural communities,forestry markets, Latin American development, and rural marginality. He has participated in several research projects on rural issues in Canada and Chile. These include studies on rural community’s vulnerability and adaptive capacity to climate change; water governance; the social cohesion of the farm community; farm work; regional sustainable development, environmental policies, rural organizations and movements; the economic and social changes of farm households and communities; and forestry development. Dr. Diaz is currently leading a major research project on institutional adaptations to climate change focusing on dryland communities in the prairies of Canada and in Chile and participating in a similar international comparative study in Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.