Understanding your Academic Standing

The Faculty of Arts takes special note of students who are performing either exceptionally well or relatively poorly.

Once per semester, the Dean's Honours List reports those students who over a semester or equivalent of work have been able to maintain an average grade of 85% or better. Inclusion on the Dean's Honour List will also be noted on your official transcript.

Students who have taken at least 24 credit hours of courses at the University of Regina and have an average grade of less than 60% will find themselves on Academic Probation. Students on probation must meet with an academic advisor before they can register for any further classes. If, after a further 15 credit hours of courses students on probation have not raised their average grade above 60%, they will be asked to discontinue their studies for at least two semesters.

We want you to succeed in your studies! If you are having trouble refer to some our tips and strategies for Surviving the Semester. And don't forget that the Arts Student Service Office is here to help you get back on track.