Course Prerequisites

Your course selection will be constrained by the fact that many university courses have what are called 'prerequisites': one or more courses that you must already have passed before you can register. Sometimes prerequisites take other forms, like a certain number of credit hours that you must have passed. If a course has prerequisites, these will be clearly listed in the Course Catalogue.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the prerequisites for a given course before you take in it. If you register for a class expecting that you'll have the prerequisite by the time the new semester begins but this turns out not to be the case, you must drop yourself from the class. Even if you complete the class, you will be refused credit for it if you didn't have the necessary prerequisites at the time you took it.

If you do not have a given prerequisite but feel you are prepared for the course, you can ask the department or program head for permission to waive that prerequisite. Permission might be granted but is not automatic. If the head approves, you will need to get his or her signature on a registration-override form (35 KB PDF) and bring the form to the Arts Student Services Office before the deadline for adding courses has passed.