Getting Advice

When choosing classes it is very helpful to meet with an Arts Student Services program advisor. They know the academic requirements for all Faculty of Arts programs and can guide you to the courses you will need to meet the requirements of your program in a timely manner. They can also help you re-evaluate course selections that aren't likely to fit with your program or that you might not be able to use for credit (for instance because of conflicts with general university regulations).

Program advisors are often booked a week or two in advance (usually two weeks during the times when students are trying to register for classes). So call or email the Arts Student Services Office as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. Please note that students registered with other faculties or one of the federated colleges will need to seek advising services from their own Faculty or College.

It is important that you understand that while program advisors are responsible for providing accurate and timely information and for guiding students through the course-selection process, the ultimate responsibility for setting and achieving academic goals rests with you, the student.

In order to get the most out of your advising session, it is important that you come well-prepared. Please take a look at our instructions on preparing for your advising session.