Honours Programs

Most departments also have 'Honours' versions of their programs. These programs are usually intended for students who plan to go on to graduate study in their major. They require more upper-year courses and often some of the more difficult courses in the area. You will also need a higher grade point average to graduate with an Honours major.

If you want to undertake an Honours program you will need to apply for entry and be accepted by the department or program that offers the major. Faculty members spend more time with Honours majors than with most of their other undergraduate students (a lot more supervision is required) and so they want to make sure that you will have what it takes to complete the program.

Admission Requirements

For all Honours programs, other than Geography and Psychology, the earliest you can apply for admission is during the semester in which you are registered in, or have completed, 30 credit hours, including 9 credit hours in your proposed major. 

For admission to Honours programs in Geography and Psychology, you can apply in the semester during which you have completed, or are registered in, 60 credit hours along with completion of the Faculty of Arts Core Requirements.

In all cases, you must have a major average of 75% and a program average of 70%. If your averages are below these, you can apply when you have improved them. Averages will be calculated only on courses taken at the University of Regina.

Honours Application

To apply for all Honours programs, except Psychology, please fill out the following Honours application form and submit it to the Arts Student Services Office. Your application will be reviewed by an academic advisor, and you will be informed of the decision by email (to your @uregina.ca address).

To apply for the Honours progarm in Psychology, please consult the department's website for information on additional criteria, timelines, and to complete the required application form.