Choosing a Program

To earn an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Arts you will eventually have to choose one or more of our programs of study and then work toward completing the course requirements for that program. This is often what is referred to as a 'major'.

Don't worry if you're not sure right away which program of study is right for you. Many of our new students don't figure out for a year or more which program they want to complete. And a lot of students who start out in one program (or even in a different Faculty) change their mind after a year or two and end up completing a program they may never have even heard of before they arrived at the University!

It is a good idea for first-year students to take courses from a wide range of different departments and then to choose the program that interests them most. Students always learn best when they are keenly interested in the subject material. If you've chosen a program because you think it will lead to a good-paying job but find that you don't really like that area of study, keep looking until you find something that intrigues you. You'll enjoy your time at the university much more. And students who have become passionate about their learning are much more likely to acquire the critical-thinking skills and capacity for judgement that employers look for. You can learn more about the marketable skills an Arts degree can offer you in our career-focused website, Arts @ Work.

If you are having trouble choosing a major after a year of studies, come to the Arts Student Services Office and talk to one of our program advisors. We can help you find the program that will be the best match for your interests and skills.