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Once you have completed the requirements of your program you must formally apply to graduate; this will not be done automatically on your behalf. You can find the graduation application process on the Registrar's Office website. Please follow the instructions and submit your graduation application through UR Self-Service.

Before you apply, you should contact the Arts Student Services Office and ask for a graduation check. It can take up to two weeks, but a program advisor will go over your transcript and make sure that you do indeed have all of the courses and grades you need to graduate. You are advised to ask before your intended final semester so that if there are any surprises, you will still have time to deal with them.

If you need to certify (to an employer for instance) that you are eligible for graduation even though you haven't yet received your diploma at Convocation, you can apply for an 'early release of parchment'. The application form for is available via the Registrar's Office.

To request a completion letter, please use this form.