Your Appeal Letter

Address your appeal to the Chair, Undergraduate Student Appeals Committee of the Faculty of Arts, University of Regina, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 0A2, or deliver it to the Arts Students Service Office in Classroom Building Room 411. As the office is currently working remotely, please have all appeals emailed to

Letters of appeal should be typewritten if possible, or legibly handwritten, and dated and signed. Include your name, student number, and current address and telephone number.

  1. Additional repeats of courses: In your letter you should state why you failed the course, why you need to retake it and why you feel you can pass it given an additional opportunity. Criteria for approving this type of appeal have been approved by the Faculty's Undergraduate Student Appeals Committee and are published in a separate handout.
  2. Medical or compassionate withdrawal: You must append to your request a letter or certificate from your doctor (which must state the reason and period for which you were unable to attend classes) or, in the case of a bereavement, a copy of the death certificate or obituary.
  3. Individual majors and minors: A simple request for approval is adequate. Include a detailed outline of your proposed program, which should have been previously discussed with a designated Faculty member and/or the Associate Dean (Undergraduate). A letter of support from the Faculty member is also useful.
  4. Appeals of program anomalies and exemptions: Include an explanation of how the problem occurred and why it cannot be rectified before graduation.
  5. All other appeals: Include an explanation of your past academic performance, an outline of what action you have taken or will be taking to improve it, and a statement of your academic and career goals. You may append supporting documentation from medical or counseling personnel, and/or letters of reference, if relevant.