Committee Procedures

Letters of appeal for cases that are submitted to the Committee are acknowledged in writing by the Faculty of Arts Student Services Office. The date and time of the next meeting of the Committee are included with the acknowledgment or sent in a subsequent letter. You have the right to present your case to the Committee at the meeting or have a representative from the Students' Union do so on your behalf; please call the Arts Student Services Office (306-585-4137) to arrange a time.

Committee members receive, as part of the agenda, a copy of your letter of appeal and other pertinent materials you appended, a copy of your academic record, and, if applicable, a copy of your program to date. Following the meeting, these agendas are collected and shredded. One master copy is retained in the Faculty Office.

If you choose to attend the meeting, please wait outside the meeting room until you are called in. You will first be given the opportunity to state your case; after this, you may be asked questions by Committee members. You will then be excused, and a decision will be made.

The decision of the Committee is based on the written and printed agenda materials and any additional information provided at the meeting by you, your representative , or Committee members, and is usually guided by previous decisions of the Committee in similar cases.

If you wish, you may call the Chair of the Committee on the day after the meeting to learn the Committee's decision. The Chair will also write to you with the decision.