Program Outlines

The Arts Student Services Office has developed Program Outline spreadsheets that will allow you to identify the requirements of your program in a user friendly and easy-to-follow way.

You can request an updated Program Outline for your declared program from the Arts Student Services Office. An academic advisor will customize one for you and email you the results. Please be aware that a completed outline can take up to two weeks to complete during peak times.

Program outlines prepared for students will reflect the calendar year for which the program was started. If you declared your program in some earlier year, you are eligible to graduate using the program requirements as they were defined at that time.

Note: The blank program outlines provided below reflect the requirements specified in the most recent version of the Undergraduate Calendar for 2021-2022. These templates do not include information on minor options, honours requirements and concurrent or second degree program information. Please book an appointment with an academic advisor if you have further questions about your program outline or the above optional information.

Degrees (4-years)
Anthropology BA (168 KB)
Classical and Medieval Studies BA (168 KB)
Cree Language Literacy BA (168 KB)
Economics & Business Combined BA (169 KB)  
Economics & History Combined BA (169 KB)
Economics & Society BA (168 KB)
Economics BA (168 KB)
English BA (169 KB)
Geographic Information Sciences BA (201KB)
Geography and Environmental Studies BA (168 KB)
Health Studies, Bachelor (167 KB)
History BA (168 KB)
Human Justice, Bachelor (168 KB)
Indigenous Studies BA (168 KB)
International Studies BA - International Development Concentration (170 KB)
International Studies BA - International Affairs Concentration (170 KB)
Japanese BA (168 KB)
Journalism & Pre-Journalism BA (171 KB)
Journalism BJ (199 KB)
Linguistics BA (168 KB)
Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA (169 KB)
Philosophy BA (168 KB)  
Police Studies BA (171 KB)
Political Science BA (168 KB)
Psychology BA (168 KB)
Psychology BA HONOURS (201 KB)
Religious Studies BA (168 KB)
Resource and Environmental Studies, Bachelor (166 KB)
Saulteaux Language Literacy BA (168 KB)
Sociology BA (168 KB)  
Women's and Gender Studies BA (168 KB)


Certificates & Diplomas (1 to 2 years)
Chinese Language and Culture Certificate (159 KB)
Development and International Economics Certificate (195 KB)
Economics Certificate (160 KB)
English Indigenous Literature Certificate (158 KB)
Environmental and Resource Economics Certificate (195 KB)
German Language and Culture Certificate (195 KB)
Health Studies Certificate (160 KB)
Health Studies Diploma (197 KB)
Indigenous Communications Arts Diploma (165 KB)
Intercultural Leadership Certificate (159 KB)
International Studies Certificate  (160 KB)
Japanese Language and Culture Certificate (159 KB)
Justice Studies Certificate (159 KB)
Justice Studies Diploma (161 KB)
Law and Society Certificate (159 KB)
Liberal Arts Certificate (160 KB)
Liberal Arts Diploma (162 KB)
Monetary and Financial Economics Certificate (196 KB)
Non-Profit Sector Leadership and Innovation Certificate (158 KB)
Political and International Governance Certificate (160 KB)
Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture Certificate (160 KB)
Sustainability Certificate (159 KB)