Prospective Students

There are many reasons our students choose to study at the University of Regina Faculty of Arts. One important reason is our wide range of program options. As the largest faculty on campus, we offer over twenty areas of study in the social sciences and humanities. Together, these programs are referred to as ‘the Arts’ (or 'the Liberal Arts’) and their study will lead you to your Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. We also offer several certificate and post-graduate program options.

Arts encompasses everything from Justice Studies to Psychology, English to Sociology, and so much more. Arts students get to study the things that matter most to people – things like politics, poverty, women’s rights, international development, ethics and morality. These are the issues that people care deeply about. And as an Arts student you will be able spend your time studying a subject that is interesting and meaningful to you, all the while gaining valuable skills that will serve you throughout your personal and professional lifetime. Just what types of skills will you gain? The ability to critically analyze the world around you, see things from multiple perspectives, formulate rational responses to real-world problems, and the ability to effectively communicate your point of view, just to name a few. These are skills that will serve you in a wide range of career fields.

What's more, the University of Regina Faculty of Arts is home to some 126 tenured faculty members – some of the brightest academic minds, researching and teaching in innovative new directions. We have renowned experts and award-winning instructors working to help provide a vibrant and student-focused learning environment for our students. We also have a team of academic advisors on staff in the Arts Student Service Office to assist you with choosing your program, working out your course schedule, and in managing your transition to university life. 

The Faculty of Arts website contains lots of information to help you decide whether studying with us is right for you. You can review our program options to see our wide range of offerings. You can visit the Arts @ Work section to learn more about the career options that may be available to you with an Arts degree, and about the work experience opportunities we offer to help you gain a leg up in the job market. You can also learn more about life at the University of Regina, and the services available for students at the University's New and Future Students website. When you're ready you can also apply online.

We are always here to help! You can contact the Arts Student Service Office anytime if you wish to speak with an advisor about studying in the Faculty of Arts.