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Special Permissions

In some cases you will need special permission to register in a course. This may be because:

  • the course is already full
  • you have already failed it twice (normally students cannot register for the same class more than twice)
  • you are already taking the maximum number of credit hours per semester
  • you don't have the necessary prerequisites
  • you don't meet certain conditions for registration (for instance, the course is reserved for students with a major other than your own)

In all such cases you will need to have a registration override form (35 KB PDF) signed by the appropriate university official(s) and then bring that form either to your department office or to the Arts Student Services Office, where someone will help get you registered in the class. Often you will get quicker service if you ask for the override to be handled by your department office. Please note that in the case of late registrations, the override can be handled only by the Arts Student Services Office.