Exchange Programs

In order to participate in an exchange you must

  1. Complete a minimum of 30 credit hours prior to departure.
  2. Have a minimum UGPA of 70%. Note: students with a lower UGPA are advised to consult with an academic advisor to discuss strategies for improving their UGPA. 

Steps to participating in an exchange

  1. Visit the UR International office at CW 127, call them at 306-337-2477, or view the website to learn about exchange opportunities, application deadlines, applying for your student visa, and the logistics of participating in an exchange
  2. Research your host institution
    • select the courses you would like to take
    • make sure the courses are offered during the period you're on the exchange
    • ensure you have the appropriate prerequisites
    • check for any restrictions on the courses you are hoping to take
    • know the date you can register in those courses
  3. Schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in the Arts Student Services Office
    • bring descriptions and/or syllabi for all of the courses you're hoping to take at the host institution to your appointment
  4. Wait for the relevant department(s) to decide how these courses will transfer into your program and for your academic advisor to contact you with the results (this can take up to three weeks, so please be patient)
  5. Bring your 'Application for Outbound Students' to the Arts Student Services for approval and signing
  6. Work with the host institution to register in the courses you've chosen

While you are on your exchange

  • Notify your academic advisor immediately if you make any changes to your courses to determine how they may affect your program (please recognize that it will take some time to get the new courses evaluated by your department)
  • Be sure to register for your next semester at the University of Regina (check UR Self-Service for your registration time-ticket)
  • Have fun!