Learning Through Work Experience

During your time at the University, you should think very seriously about participating in the Faculty's Arts Internship Program or Co-operative Education programs. An internship is an unpaid, one-semester placement in which you will work with a company or organization on a specific project. In the Co-op program you will alternate regular academic semesters with periods of paid employment, typically working with three different companies or organizations. Participation in either program will look very good on your resume and give you a serious leg up in finding employment after you've graduated. Contact the Arts Student Services Office at 306-585-4137 (phone) or arts.studentservices@uregina.ca (e-mail) if you're interested in either program. 

If you're thinking more about employment prospects after you graduate, then the University's Career Centre is the place for you. The Centre will help you explore the various career options available and counsel you about the ones that might be best for you. They can also help you develop your job-interview skills.