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Arts Work Experience Internship - Information for Community Partners

The Arts Internship Program can help connect you with part-time, unpaid support for your community organization. University of Regina Arts student major in over 20 different programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities. These students bring a broad range of skills, talents and experiences to the work place.


How does the Arts Internship work?
  • Qualified Faculty of Arts undergraduate students are placed for part-time work within your organization
  • Students pay regular tuition but there is no fee for your organization
  • Your input helps ensure the best candidates are selected to work with your team
  • There are two placement cycles per year: September to December, and January to April
  • Internships are 13 weeks in length
  • Students work up to eight hours per week

Who is eligible to receive an intern placement?
  • First priority for internship placements will go to nonprofit community organizations
  • These organizations do not have the resources to hire students but are demonstrably committed to facilitating learning and career-building opportunities for interns

Why place an Arts intern in your organization?
  • You will gain a skilled and motivated student to support and enhance your organization's work in the community.
  • Students bring new perspectives, different experiences, enthusiasm and energy to your team.
  • Interns can provide additional support to special projects or events, or assist your team with new ideas or initiatives.
  • You'll gain valuable networking partnerships and advocates at the University of Regina, as program facilitators get to know your organization, and as students relay their experience with your organization.
  • You will have the opportunity to provide mentorship, training and guidance to the next generation of talent within your profession or area.
  • The Internship program could translate into a longer term recruitment opportunities for your organization.

Are you interested in learning more? Contact:

Dr. Lynn Gidluck, Community Director
Community Research and Engagement Centre
Phone: 306-585-4084