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    Work Experience

    Many students choose to pursue paid and unpaid work experience opportunities during their studies so they can gain a leg up from the competition when applying for jobs. Internships and co-operative education programs allow you to gain the type of on-the-job experience employers value, and to develop useful career contacts and references – all while earning credit toward your degree! Explore the information on the left-hand menu and you will see that several options are open to you for gaining relevant work experience, including:

    Co-operative Education
    Students in the Arts Co-op program alternate between semesters of full-time, paid employment and full-time study in their degree program.

    Arts Internship Program
    Interns in the Arts Internship Program spend up to 8 unpaid hours per week for one semester working with a local community organization.

    Volunteer Experience
    Many students gain valuable professional skills and experience through volunteer work in an area of interest. Volunteer work can be just as powerful on a resume as paid work experience, particularly if you are just entering the job market.

    Employers in every industry look favourably upon job applicants who have hands-on workplace experience. In a competitive job market it pays to be proactive in gaining work experience while you complete your studies.

    Do you want to know about the marketable skills you can gain through an Arts degree? Visit Arts @ Work to learn about this, about common career fields for Arts graduates, and to explore the many career resources that exist for you here at the University of Regina.