Arts Internship Program


I am a student looking for an internship opportunity.

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Gain professional experience - while taking classes!

The Arts Internship Program offers meaningful, career-related experiences that enable students to expand their resumes and build transferable skills.


What is an Arts Internship?

  • Internships are part-time, unpaid placements for students in the Faculty of Arts;
  • Students pay regular tuition fees and receive 3-credit hours they can use for their degree
  • Interns work up to eight hours per week on designated projects for 13 weeks.

Who is eligible?

To participate in an Arts Internship, you must:

  • Be able to commit up to eight hours per week during a 13-week semester working for a community organization in the City of Regina;
  • Have a declared major in a Faculty of Arts program (NOT including Health Studies, Human Justice or Journalism, because they have their own internship programs);
  • Have completed 54 - 90 credit hours (negotiable) at the end of the semester in which you are applying, which MUST include at least 12 credit hours in your major;
  • Satisfactory academic standing, with a program GPA of at least 70%

How do I apply?

  • Send an email explaining why you would like to complete an Arts Internship, along with your resume to Lynn Gidluck at Arrange for an interview to determine your suitability for an internship.
  • If you are successfully matched, you will enroll in AWEI 300AA - Arts Work Exp. Internship.

How do I complete an Arts Internship?

  • Together with the community organization you are placed with and the CRU Coordinator, you will develop a work plan for your internship.
  • This is a pass/fail course. Throughout the semester your community partner will provide you with feedback like they would with any employee working for them. At the end of the semester the employer and will be required to notify the CRU Coordinator at the end of the semester that you had a successful placement which warrants the University awarding you 3-credit hours towards your degree.

Why participate in an Arts internship?

  1. An internship is a professional workplace experience.
    Identify what you want, and perhaps what you don't want in a future workplace. Participating in an internship can help you determine whether or not a particular career is a good fit for you.
  2. An internship can help you develop practical skills to add to your resume.
    Receive hands-on training and develop professional and practical skills in the workplace that can contribute to your employability.
  3. An internship can help you develop your professional network and build important contacts in the community.
    Develop and expand your networks with peers and professionals, which may lead to future career opportunities.
  4. An internship can help you reflect on, and articulate your skills and experiences.
    Make meaningful connections between your internship and professional, personal and academic experiences. Identify transferrable skills and strengths and how they can contribute to future workplaces.


Community Partners


The Arts Internship Program helps connect you with part-time, unpaid support for your community organization. University of Regina Arts student major in over 20 different programs in the Social Sciences and Humanities. These students bring a broad range of skills, talents and experiences to the work place.


What is an Arts Internship?

  • Part-time, unpaid placements of undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts
  • Students pay regular tuition but there is no fee to their community partners
  • Community partner has input into placements to ensure the best candidates are selected to work with your team
  • Two program cycles per year (September to December and January to April)
  • Internships are 13 weeks in length
  • Students work up to eight hours per week for the semester.

Who is eligible to hire interns?

  • First priority for internship placements will go to nonprofit community organizations that are not in a position to hire students but are committed to facilitating learning and career-building opportunities for U of R students.

Why have an Arts Intern?

  • Gain a skilled and motivated student to support and enhance your organization's work in the community.
  • Students bring new perspectives, different experiences, enthusiasm and energy to your team.
  • Interns can provide support to special projects or events, or assist your team with new ideas or initiatives.
  • Gain brand and organization advocates at the University of Regina, as students speak about their experiences with your organization.
  • Provide mentorship, training and guidance to University of Regina undergraduate students.

I'm interested in learning more about having an Arts Intern student work for us.

If you're interested in knowing more about the Arts Internship Program and how your organization may be able to benefit from it, contact Lynn Gidluck at or (306) 585-4084 to arrange for a meeting.