Arts Internship

In today's competitive job market, many young workers are choosing to do volunteer internships to gain the type of relevant work experience employers look for. An Arts Work Experience Internship can provide you with the opportunity to gain career-relevant work experience, to develop valuable work contacts and references, and to distinguish yourself from the crowd when applying for jobs. All while earning 3 academic credit hours towards your degree!

What is the Arts Work Experience Internship (AWEI) Program?

The AWEI Program is a partnership program between the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Arts students, government organizations, non-profit organizations, and the business community. The program serves to enhance your learning by adding a work experience component to your studies. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to integrate what you have learned into the workplace by working at a 'host' organizations on a designated project. Host organizations in turn, receive your help in completing projects and research, and can provide an assessment of your potential and work performance.

How does the Program work?

You must identify an organization with whom you would like to complete an internship. The Faculty of Arts will work with the host organization to ensure the internship is suitable for academic credit. For thirteen weeks you will be required to provide approximately eight to ten hours per week of UNPAID work on a designated project at your host organization. Host organizations (government units, non-profit organizations, businesses) provide you with supervision, assistance and direction in the workplace environment. Host organizations will be asked to make a financial contribution to help cover university administration and supervision costs.

Minimum requirements for participation in the AWEI Program:

  • A declared major in a Faculty of Arts program (NOT including Health Studies, Human Justice or Journalism, which have their own internship programs)

  • Completion of 54 - 90 credit hours (negotiable) at the end of the semester in which you are applying, which MUST include at least 12 credit hours in your major

  • Satisfactory academic standing, with a program GPA of at least 70%

For more information about the AWEI Program please contact the Arts Student Services Office at (by phone: 306-585-4137 or email: