Washington Center

Work in Washington D.C. and get U of R credit with an internship at the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. The Center offers a work experience tailored to YOUR interests and academic coursework and will enable you to gain invaluable employment experience in Washington - a global epicentre of politics, business and international diplomacy.

Information about the Washington Center program is available via the Washington Center website or by contacting internationalinfo@twc.edu.

Washington Center interns pay an application fee, a program fee, and a housing fee to the Washington Center. They are also responsible for visas and travel costs. For the latest costs see Program Fees on the Washington Center website.

Financial Support
Students may be eligible for funds from the UofR International Experience Travel Fund. Please note that in the past the Faculty of Arts also offered financial support to students attending the Washington Center but this is no longer available.

Students will receive academic credit from the University of Regina (12 credit hours for the Summer Session; 15 credit hours for the Fall and Spring Sessions). To receive credit, students must submit their Washington Center Portfolios (prepared during their time at the Washington Center) upon completion of the program. 

Application Procedure
There is an online application form on the Washington Center website.

For Further Information

Please contact Dr. Martin Hewson, Chair of the Faculty of Arts International Advisory Committee and Washington Center Liaison Officer: martin.hewson@uregina.ca

Presidential Inauguration Academic Seminar
In years when there is a Presidential inauguration (2013, 2017, 2021, 2025 ... ), the Washington Center holds special academic seminars. They take place in January in Washington DC and last approximately two weeks. Students may earn academic credits for this. The deadline for applications is generally in November. For more details see: http://www.twc.edu/seminars/presidential-inauguration

**Although this information is accurate to the best of our information at the time of posting, the Faculty of Arts and the University of Regina are not responsible for any discrepancies pertaining to the Washington Center, the financial support provided, or the arrangement of transfer credit to the University of Regina.

Shayla Dietrich

“My internship in Washington, D.C. was the perfect next step in my academic and professional development”.

Fourth year international studies student SHAYLA DIETRICH recently completed an internship with Global Giving, an organization that supports community-improvement projects around the world, through the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. “A year before I graduate I have gained practical experience that will enhance my abilities and improve my professional competitiveness,” she says.