Conservatory Creative Preschool

Preschool Location Update

As of Monday, September 26th, the Preschool will be at its new location at the First Nations University of Canada building at 1 First Nations Way.

Creative Preschool

Professional Instruction. Positive Environment.

The Conservatory of Performing Arts Creative Preschool (CCP) places an emphasis on the arts—music, dance, drama, drawing, painting and more - while still teaching the fundamentals of early language comprehension, numbers and all-important social skills.

Arts-Focused Curriculum

Freedom within limits, respect for the child and others, and independence are the focus in our classroom. Each child will meet curriculum and learning objectives at their own pace with the guidance of experienced teachers. Children will work on practical life skills, science, math, language, fine and gross motor skills, and kindergarten preparation. Focus will be placed on each child's development using the fine arts as our vehicle. Children will sing, dance, paint, draw, act, play instruments and CREATE!

We believe fine arts are an essential aspect in the healthy development of any young person and our approach to the preschool curriculum is holistic, responsive, and developmentally appropriate. The CCP will draw on the resources already present at the Conservatory all to enrich children and yield an early appreciation for the arts in a nurturing environment. The CCP will also be offering Kindermusik classes within its curriculum, which is included within regular course fees.

preschool instructor

About Our Instructor

Jennifer Schindelka comes to us with teaching experience in Pre-K to Grade 12 classrooms, with a focus on the primary years. Jennifer is passionate about fine arts and has formal voice and piano training. She also has experience building an all new, successful pre-K program. She believes that quality education encompasses a holistic experience that promotes the moral, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social well-being of a lifelong learner. Jennifer is very excited to be part of the Conservatory Creative Preschool team.

About the Classroom

The classroom is located on the third floor of the First Nations University of Canada (1 First Nations Way, Regina, SK). The space allows for privacy while existing in a public building. The classroom and washrooms are all in a secured area. The space is accessible friendly.

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Class Hours

Morning Class Afternoon Class
9:00-11:30am 12:30-3:00pm

Fees and Schedule

Program Age Days/Week Days of the Week Cost/Month
3 / 4 years old 2 T / TH $170
3 / 4 years old 3 M / W / F $240
3 / 4 years old 5 M-F $400

Non-refundable materials fee: $100/year

The CCP follows the Regina Public School calendar, observing professional days and all statutory holidays.


These policies are specific to the CCP. See our Preschool Policies page for more information about Student Pick-up and Drop-off, Potty-Training, Student/Teacher Ratio, Field Trips, School Snacks, Medical Information, and Social Media and Photography. See also our Creative Preschool Parent Handbook for further information. The preschool comes with administrative and staff support from the Conservatory of Performing Arts, so parents are not often required to volunteer time or talents to help the preschool operate.


Before registration, all interested families are required to fill and submit our online Pre-Registration Form and discuss options with our Preschool Instructor. To register you must call Non-Credit Student Services.