Images Include: Figures, Graphs, Photographs, Charts, Diagrams, Slides and Overheads.

Photographic Collection

All photographs purchased from the photography department are the sole property of the University of Regina, and the university holds the copyright to such photographs. They may only be reproduced and distributed in accordance with the direction of the photography department, Printing Services. The purchaser agrees that photographs purchased are for single use only, and there may not be any further reproduction or distribution of the photographs in any form (including copies, or electronic format) without the express written consent of Printing Services. Please direct all requests for copies of the photographs to the photography department - they will be processed and the standard fee will be charged. Photographs purchased hereunder cannot be archived except for reference purposes.

Projected Images

Under the educational exception in the Copyright Act, you may make copies of works to display in class on university premises for educational purposes provided there is no commercially available version of the work in a medium that is appropriate for the purpose. Remember that images found on the Internet are protected by copyright, just like any other visual materials. However, there are many royalty free (e.g. creative commons) images available online. There is also an educational exception in the Copyright Act that allows for use of content freely available on the Internet in the classroom without permission unless the website has a clear statement to the contrary. Note this exception only applies to the limited setting of the classroom or password protected UR Courses, not more general educational applications like a conference or your blog. In all cases you should be confident that the source is not using the material without the copyright owners consent. Audio Visual Services can assist you in making copies for overhead projection. Additionally, the Visual Resource Centre has over 100,000 slides pertaining to fine arts, art history, architecture, and theatre, which you may use in the classroom.