The Copyright Act allows you to play a sound recording or live radio broadcasts in class as long as it is for educational purposes, not for profit, on university premises, and before an audience consisting primarily of students. Students can also perform musical works before an audience consisting primarily of students on the university premises. You cannot post a copy of recorded music to UR Courses or burn copies to hand out without permission from the copyright holder.

Music played on campus to a wider public audience does not fall under the educational exceptions or any institutional licenses. If you are organizing an event on campus, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have a license or permission from the copyright owner to play/perform copyrighted music in a public venue. This includes conferences, student events, recreational events, fundraising events, and concerts. Licenses must be obtained from the copyright collectives SOCAN and Re:Sound.

For live or recorded music (including background music), check with the venue manager to see whether they have an existing license that covers your use. If there is no existing license, you must apply to the relevant Canadian organization for a license. Please note, there is no institution-wide music license, and departments are required to arrange for their own licensing as needed.

For Concerts, Receptions, or Recreational Events, contact SOCAN and Re:Sound.