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The University Committee on Teaching and Learning (UCTL) was created in February of 2010. UCTL is chaired by the AVP Academic and reports to the Provost.

The main purpose of this committee is to engage in discussion, policy-making and strategic planning on teaching at the U of R. The first major goal of this committee was to produce the following Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning.

Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning

The most recent version of the University of Regina Strategic Plan for Teaching and Learning is now available (updated 19 February 2013):

Strat Plan Teaching - FINAL February 2013 (pdf 438 kb)

This document is to be presented at Executive of Council on February 27, 2013 for approval.

The University Committee on Teaching and Learning carefully considered all the feedback that it received: at its public meetings, through open letters and comments on a LibGuide website, and via private communications. Not all of the feedback has been incorporated into this new draft. Some of the advices received were inconsistent with one another. Others would have required the committee to compromise upon what it saw as the plan's core objectives. The committee tried as best it could to address the rest.

In the new draft we tried to be very consistent in providing a framework that will allow Faculties to decide for themselves how best to support, recognize, and reward excellent teaching.

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University Committee on Teaching and Learning (UCTL) Documents

TOR for UCTL (pdf 124 kb)

UCTL TOR details (pdf 56.0 kb)

UCTL Membership (pdf 36.0 kb)

University Leadership Team Retreat (pdf 114 kb)

Prior to UCTL

A few years ago the Teaching Development Centre (a precursor to the current CTL) had an Advisory Committee. Here were its terms of reference.

TDC Advisory Committee (pdf 23.5 kb)

The following documents were created by the staff of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL). These documents demonstrate how the work of CTL aligns with the goals of the U of R Strategic plan.


CTL Priorities 09-10 final (pdf 158.5 kb)