Teaching and Learning Advisory

The Teaching and Learning Advisory Group has been created to seek to understand the teaching needs of the larger university community and to use this understanding to inform and advise on the design of programs for the Centre for Teaching and Learning. These programs need to reflect the teaching and learning (with and without technology) needs of faculty and instructors and reflect the need to create continuous professional development opportunities in multiple content areas in multiple delivery modes.

This faculty-level advisory group is to accomplish its mandate through an inclusive and consultative process that it shall design and implement. Further, its members will solicit university wide and faculty level input, recommend development of specific teaching professional development sessions and report back to faculty through the appropriate Faculty Councils. The impact of this committee will be enhanced via regular two-way communication between its membership and the university community.


Centre for Teaching and Learning:
Centre for Teaching and Learning Dr. Stephen Cheng Stephen.Cheng@uregina.ca (306) 337-2402
Faculties and Academic Units:
Centre for Continuing Education Darrel Lawlor Darrel.Lawlor@uregina.ca (306) 585-5846
Faculty of Arts Dr. Philip Charrier Philip.Charrier@uregina.ca (306) 585-4215
Faculty of Business Administration Dr. Chris Street Chris.Street@uregina.ca (306) 337-3178
Faculty of Education Dr. Kathryn Ricketts Kathryn.Ricketts@uregina.ca (306) 585-4525
Faculty of Engineering Dr. David deMontigny David.deMontigny@uregina.ca (306) 337-2277
Faculty of Fine Arts Dr. Dominic Gregorio Dominic.Gregorio@uregina.ca (306) 585-5538
Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies Brandy West-McMaster Brandy.West-McMaster@uregina.ca (306) 337-3146
Faculty of Nursing Shauna Davies Shauna.Davies@uregina.ca (306) 337-2136
Faculty of Science Dr. David Gerhard David.Gerhard@uregina.ca (306) 585-5227
Faculty of Social Work Dr. Randy Johner Randy.Johner@uregina.ca (306) 585-4549
Library Gillian van der Ven Gillian.vanderVen@uregina.ca (306)337-2434
Federated Colleges:
Campion College Dr. Christian Riegel Christian.Riegel@uregina.ca (306)359-1219
First Nations University of Canada Jo-anne Goodpipe jgoodpipe@fnuniv.ca (306) 790-5950
ext 3356
Luther College Dr. Yvonne Petry Yvonne.Petry@uregina.ca (306) 585-5039
Student Associations:
Graduate Students' Association Rubina Khanam URGSA.VPAcademic@uregina.ca
University of Regina Students' Union Shawn Wiskar vpsa@ursu.ca