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Hybrid & Online Delivery

This page provides resources for Hybrid/Blended and Online course development.

  1. The Center for Teaching and Learning at UNC Charlotte provides a definition of a hybrid course along with the benefits of this type of course for faculty and students. Information on how to design a hybrid course is provided along with links to additional resources.
  2. The Center for Teaching and Learning at Concordia University provides this page on blended learning complete with a short video describing the modality. Some of the benefits of blended learning are described on the page and in the video. Examples of blended courses are also provided on the page.
  3. The Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University provides this extensive page on blended and online learning. There is also and extensive list of resources provided for further study.
  4. The Center for Teaching Innovation at Cornell University provides an extensive page on how to get started with designing and hybrid learning course.
  5. Tony Bates video presentation to CiCan members describes the design of hybrid learning in a COVID-19 era. He makes extensive reference to his book, Teaching in a Digital Age, during this presentation.
  6. Guide to Teaching with Technology is a Pressbooks open textbook from Brock University. This resource contains extensive video interviews with faculty on various aspects of teaching with technology.
  7. Outline of course design models posted for collaborative sharing by McMaster University. This document can be adapted for local use.