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Provoking Curriculum Conference 2019

Provoking Curriculum 2019
March 15 – 17

University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan

Sponsored by Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies
University of Regina Centre for Teaching and Learning & Faculty of Education


We are pleased the upcoming Provoking Curriculum conference. We are honoured to be hosting this conference on Treaty 4 territory, the traditional lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Nakoda, Dakota, Lakota peoples and homeland of the Metis.

The conference will address current work in curriculum studies in the form of papers and panels, poetry, arts informed, and performative pieces, we especially invite submissions that speak to the following themes:

  • Performative scholarship
                            i.e. – site specific and research-based performances
  • The Pedagogue as activist
                            i.e. – walking dialogues, community engagement as scholarship
  • Learning through and with disenfranchised persons/communities
                            i.e. – dialogue with knowledge keepers
  • Embodied learning and innovative technologies
                            i.e. – studio explorations

Provoking Curriculum is a biannual conference that is a satellite program supported by the Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies, which is part of the Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities and hosted by Canadian Universities. In 2019, Provoking Curriculum will also be so sponsored by the Faculty of Education and the Teaching and Learning Centre at the University of Regina. In the characteristic way of the Provoking Curriculum Studies Conferences, the 9th Biennial Provoking Curriculum Studies Conference will provide opportunities for scholars from many universities and disciplines across the globe to engage in dialogue that will significantly shape the future of curriculum studies. Canadian scholars are the world leaders in curriculum studies informed by arts-based research, narrative inquiry, poetic inquiry, and life writing.

Weary of the traditional model of conferencing (a new verb in 21st century academy), Provoking Curriculum is our opportunity to disrupt, entangle and become lost in the most inspiring ways. Instead of echoing and reiterating the dated methods of conveying information through broadcasting research to small groups, at this conference, we will endeavour to turn sideways by focusing on lateral exchanges in the spirit of Dynamic Dialogue. The format of the sessions will be centred on dialogue and exchange with inclusive scheduling allowing for ease in choice making and engagement.

Provoking Curriculum has been a long-standing container for innovations in curriculum and creatively productive conversations between inspired scholars.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we welcome critical conversations and creative works surrounding Indigenous education and particularly look forward to honouring Indigenous voices and learning about the innovative ways Indigenous scholars, knowledge keepers, activists, artists, educators, and communities are transforming education and provoking curriculum.

The conference structure

  • Friday – evening keynote performance, live entertainment and meet and greet
  • Saturday - running sessions, key note performance and dinners in town
  • Sunday – Key note, working groups concluding at 3:30 pm

We anticipate publishing some of the works shared at this conference (e.g., journal issue; edited book): more news will be provided at the conference.

More information will be added shortly on this website

Provoking Curriculum Organizing Committee – Kathryn Ricketts, Cristyne Hébert, Anna-Leah King, Heather Phipps, Wanneta Martin, Laurie Clune, Rochelle Fenwick and Dayle Steffen.