Certificate of Extended Studies in Early Childhood Education

IMPORTANT: Applications to this Certificate have been suspended until further notice. 


This program offers teachers, educators, and those individuals who are employed in other helping professions, a holistic approach to professional learning and development in early childhood education. Course on approaches to play, trauma informed practice, the arts, expressive art therapies, early literacies, as well as supporting elective courses are all included in the program.

The structure is flexible. Although intended for teachers and early childhood educators who will to fulfill specific employment requirements, augment or expand their understanding of the field of early childhood, or seek career advancement through further studies, the certificate can be taken concurrently with a Bachelor of Education degree. 

Program Requirements:

Certificate of Extended Studies in Early Childhood Education Required Courses

Required Courses (Choose 5 courses from the list)
ECE 200
ECE 325
ECE 400
ECE 435
ECE 445
ECE 200-400 level
Approved Elective List A (Choose 3 courses from the list)
EAE 201
ECE 200-400 level
ECCU 200
ECCU 400
EDAN 301
EDRA 101
EFDN 306
EFDN 308
EFDN 309
ELIT 101
ELNG 200
ELNG 326
EMTH 325
EMTH 425
EMUS 320
EPSY 323
Approved Elective List B (Choose 1 course from the list)
EFDN 306
EFDN 308
EFDN 309
EPSY 200-499 level
JS 100
JS 280
KIN 120
KIN 180
PSYC 101
PSYC 102
PSYC 210
SOC 208
SOC 212
SOC 213
SW 100
WGST 200
Approved Elective List C (Choose 1 course from the list)
ART 100-400 level
CTCH 100-400 level
INA 100-400 level
MAP 100-400 level
MU 100-400 level
THEA 100-400 level
THAC 100-400 level
TOTAL: 30 credit hours

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the ECE certificate program must have an approved Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree with a minimum 65.00% UGPA, or applicants may complete the certificate concurrent with their BEd program at the University of Regina.