Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

IMPORTANT: Applications to this Certificate have been suspended until further notice.

Designed for those involved in the mathematics education of K-8 students, this program provides experiences to deepen one’s understanding of mathematics concepts, with courses in number sense, spatial reasoning, and modeling and representation, as well as courses in culturally responsive pedagogy, inclusive education, and research in the field of mathematics education.

 Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics(TESM)
Credit hours Required Courses
3.0 EMTH 200
3.0 EMTH 325
3.0 EMTH 326
3.0 EMTH 327
3.0 EMTH 335
3.0 EMTH 425
3.0 EMTH 426
3.0 Elective 1: [select one from: MATH 102, STAT 100 OR STAT 160, MATH 108, MATH 103 OR MATH 110, MATH 127, MATH 231, MATH 200-400 level]
3.0 Elective 2: [select one from: EMTH 217, EMTH 300, EDTC 300 (or EDTC 400), ECE 425, ECS 410, EPSY 300-400 level]
3.0 Elective 2: [select one from any course listed under elective 1 or elective 2]
30 credits Total
Note: If a student has credit for EDTC 300, then EDTC 400 may be taken. Taking both EDTC 300 and EDTC 400 as electives in this certificate program is not permitted

For full descriptions of the above courses, please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the TESM certificate program must have an approved Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree with a minimum 65.00% UGPA, or have successfully completed the pre-internship semester of their B.Ed. program.

Tentative Schedule of Required Courses: Most courses will be available in evening, weekend or online format. Elective courses may be taken at any time.

Certificate in Teaching Elementary School Mathematics Tentative Course Schedule 2019-2022