Master of Indigenous Language Education (MILED)

Master of Indigenous Language Education (MILEd)

The Master of Indigenous Language Education degree aims to:

  • prepare students as leaders in Indigenous language acquisition and revitalization;
  • provide students with the required skills, knowledge, and competencies needed to become effective Indigenous language educators;
  • prepare students to conduct research with Indigenous peoples;
  • provide students with opportunities to learn, understand, and experience Indigenous knowledges, worldviews and perspectives; and
  • equip students with the competencies and abilities to integrate Indigenous languages and knowledge into school curricula.

Teachers, Indigenous language activists, and language and social policy makers currently working in elementary, secondary and post-secondary institutions (both off and on-reserve) as well as government, public and private sectors are the target groups for this program.

Students can complete this degree in one of three program routes:

  • Thesis
  • Project
  • Course


MILED Program Outline