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Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (MEd TLL)

The Teaching, Learning, Leadership (TLL) is a course only Master's degree program that was designed by teachers for teachers. Nine out of the ten courses are designed to be taken in any order for maximum flexibility. Many of the classes are offered online, and most are also offered face-to-face so students can opt to take all of their program online (as available), or a combination of online and face-to-face.  International Students must apply for a Canadian Study Permit and abide by all IRCC and FGSR Registration Requirements for all our programs. There is one foundational course in Curriculum and Instruction (EC&I 804) and Educational Leadership (EDL 819) to provide a broad overview of these two areas. There are 6 elective courses, enabling students choice.  Students can select elective courses to create a "specialty", for example, opting for leadership (EDL)  electives provides an in-depth experience in one particular area OR students can take a range of courses to suit their individual professional goals. Given the importance and relevancy of anti-oppressive and Indigenous education, the program template offers a suite of anti-oppressive and indigenous education classes, ensuring every student has a learning experience in this area. The final course is a capstone seminar class that will be a culminating experience to bring both a reflective and forward looking perspective to round out the coursework and look beyond this degree.

The following courses can be taken in any order except for EFDN 899 which is taken after completion of 8 or 9 courses:

  1. Approved research methods course such as ED 800 
  2. EC&I 804 
  3. EDL 819 
  4. One course from the Anti-oppressive Ed/ Indigenous Ed suite of courses** 
  5. 8XX elective* 
  6. 8XX elective* 
  7. 8XX elective* 
  8. 8XX elective* 
  9. 8XX elective* 
  10. EFDN 899: Capstone Synthesis Seminar 

* 8XX elective – means that you can select from an array of courses from Curriculum Instruction, Education Leadership, Adult Education and Human Resource Development and/or Educational Psychology. The selection varies from semester to semester.

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Application guide 

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There are two application deadlines for this program: February 15th for admission into the Spring/Summer or Fall terms, and October 15th for admission into the Winter term. In addition to the Faculty of Education's application requirements all applicants must also meet the admission standards of the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research. Admission is ALWAYS subject to availability of space and supervision.


NOTE: International Students –

Programs must meet Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) guidelines. Always check the most current guidelines on the following website:

International Students must apply for a Canadian Study Permit and abide by all IRCC and FGSR Registration Requirements for all our programs.

Please refer to UR International for study permit and registration requirements

Post-graduation work permit (PGWP) validity and application -

Please find the links regarding post-graduation work permit as below: 

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