Master's Certificate Program

The Faculty offers three Master's Certificate programs:

  • Master's Certificate in Educational Technology and Media: This certificate aims to prepare students as leaders in the area of educational technology, with a particular focus on the areas of media literacy, social media, and digital citizenship.
  • Master's Certificate in Human Resource Administration in Education: This certificate provides an opportunity for students, particularly those interested in school administration to explore the theory and practice related to human resource management (HRM) in various educational settings.
  • Master's Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): This certificate is designed as a professional qualification for in-service teachers and candidates with a background in education, language studies, linguistics or a related field.

Certificate Program Outlines - Effective Fall 2019PDF

Students who complete one of the above master's certificates may "ladder up" into a subsequent Master of Education degree program. Students will be allowed to concurrently hold a master's certificate and a master's degree.


All applicants should review the admission standards on the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. In addition, the Faculty of Education requires the following:

  • the applicant must have a four-year degree applicable to the program (normally a BEd, BHRD, or BAEd, or equivalent);
  • at least two years of teaching or other relevant professional experience (preferred).

Admission is always subject to availability of space and supervision.

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