Elementary Education

Program Overview

The Elementary Teacher Education program is committed to help pre-service teachers develop a deep understanding of the complexities of life in schools and aims to support the development of critically engaged citizens in schools. By helping students develop the professional attitudes, knowledges, and skills necessary to teach in an increasingly diverse and complex environment they acquire the adaptability needed to address the challenges in today’s schools. Graduates have experience with enacting innovative and responsive pedagogies, including equitable assessment and evaluation; teaching, learning, and participating in our digital world; teaching for multiple literacies; and responding with multiple levels of intervention to learning, behavioural, and health challenges in schools.

The program takes up critical culturally responsive and anti-oppressive teaching practices; development of culturally appropriate curricula; building capacity for intercultural understanding, empathy, and mutual respect; leadership in treaty education. The program endeavours to attract teacher candidates from diverse backgrounds and representative of Saskatchewan demographics.

The following routes are offered in Elementary Teacher Education:

  • Early Elementary Education (Pre-K to Grade 5) BEd (120 credit hours)
  • Middle Years Education (Grades 6 to 9) BEd (120 credit hours)
  • Early Elementary Education (Pre-K to Grade 5) After Degree (BEAD) (60 credit hours)
  • Middle Years Education (Grades 6 to 9) After Degree (BEAD) (60 credit hours)

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