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Face-to-Face Winter 2022 Term

As evidenced in the course offerings for Winter, 2022, the University of Regina and the Faculty of Education will offer classes primarily in a Face-to-Face format for Winter 2022, with remote and web-based offerings in some areas. Students registered in face-to-face classes will be required to be on campus for those classes. As in Fall of 2021, for some of you this will be all your classes and for others is may be some or none. Please check course offerings on [Banner, student self-service, whatever language is appropriate] for further information.

Please know that the U of R continues to prioritize student safety during this transition and relevant public health guidelines will be in place for all face-to-face offerings. The trajectory of the pandemic will be monitored throughout the fall term and the University is ready to adjust plans where necessary.

 Review your learning options as follows:

Plans are underway for food service re-openings and, should students require accommodations, student housing is available. Please see UR Housing Services for more information.

Thank you again for your ongoing patience and understanding around the updates and changes that are occurring as we plan to begin a transition back to campus. Please ensure that you monitor your U of R email as additional information will be communicated to students as updates regarding the learning framework for 2021-2022 academic year unfold.