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Professional Development & Field Experiences Manuals & Forms

The following documents are provided by the Professional Development & Field Experiences Office in the Faculty of Education for use in field experiences and internships by Education students, cooperating teachers, and supervisors.

Pre-Internship Resources

Pre-Internship Manual 2021-2022PDF

Le manuel de pré-internat 2021-2022 PDF

EAE 302 Arts Ed Manual Pre-internship PDF

EAE 312 Arts Ed Secondary Pre-internship Manual PDF

ECS 100 Manual  PDF

ECS 303 Preinternship Placement GuidelinesPDF

EFLD 350 Secondary Pre-internship Manual PDF


Internship Resources

2021 Internship Manual: Learning to Teach, Act to be a Role Model — A Shared Responsibility PDF

2021 Manuel de l’internat version française PDF

Case-Study-1-The-Blame-Game.pdf PDF

Case-Study-2-Up-In-Smoke.pdf PDF


Development-of-Rounded-Balanced-Teacher.pdf PDF


Evaluation-Descriptors.pdf PDF

Examples-of-Professional-Goal-Setting.pdf PDF

Framework-for-4-Stage-Gradual-Release-of-Responsibility.pdf PDF

Internship-Contract.pdf PDF

Monthly Internship Progression Guide: Winter 2022.pdf PDF

Pre-and-Post-Conference-Recording-Sheets.pdf PDF

Professional-Development-Planning-Guide.pdf PDF

Running-Record-of-Professional-Goals.pdf PDF

Secondary-Intern-Placement-Profile-Descriptor1.pdf PDF

Share-and-Listen-Activity.pdf PDF

STF-Code-of-Professional-Ethics.pdf PDF

What-is-Good-Teaching-Article-and-Discussion.pdf PDF


Student Award Resources

McGee-and-Graham-Awards---nomination.pdf PDF

 Student Profile Forms will be used to arrange for all field experience placements. These forms will now be completed using Google Forms. The link to access the applicable form will be emailed to you, using your University of Regina email address, when you are registered for the class. The Faculty of Education Manager of Field Placements and Student Experiences will attend your ECS 100/300/311, EAE 302, ECSF 100 and EPSF 300/315/325/350 classes to explain the process to you in detail and answer any questions that you may have. Once your placements has been arranged with a teacher within the field, you will be notified by email.

Most University of Regina field experience placements are arranged in the following school divisions: Regina S.D. #4 (RBE), Regina RCSSD #81 (RCSD), Prairie Valley S.D. #208 (PVSD). However, specific requests for other school divisions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and accommodated when possible in accordance with the manual and policies. There is an opportunity for you to request this on the Student Profile form.

Please contact with any further questions, or if additional supports are needed.


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