Field Experiences, Pre-Internship, and Internship


Classroom-based field experiences in year one (ECS 101), Pre-internship (ECS 303 and three-week blocks) and Internship (16-week blocks) are important components of the Teacher Education program at the University of Regina, and we are happy to be working alongside you! We, in the Faculty of Education, are committed to providing the best possible preparation for future teachers. Through the cooperative work of our partners in education, new teachers are better positioned to adapt to a complex and sometimes ambiguous educational context.

The first-year practicum in ECS 101 is an introduction to the school system and an exploration of the various roles in education. More extensive development occurs in the pre-internship year and ECS 303. It is at this level that students experience the link between theory and practice since education courses over two semesters are coordinated with the practicum. An intensive 16-week internship has over the years become the 'flagship' of the Faculty of Education.   

For each field experience, students are assigned a Faculty Advisor to provide field support and mentorship through classroom visits. The expectations as laid out in the manuals serve as general guidelines. 

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