Black, Indigenous, and People Of Colour Mentorship Program


  Click image above to apply to join the BIPOC Mentorship program.

The Objectives

The BIPOC mentorship program aims to;

  • Contribute to University of Regina’s strategic objective of creating spaces where everyone feels part of the community
  • Ease transition for new graduate BIPOC students to graduate studies
  • Facilitate communication and peer-to-peer relationships between continuing BIPOC graduate students and new BIPOC graduate students
  • Promote and increase cross-cultural competency, communication and learning
  • Invite new BIPOC graduate students to participate in social, intercultural and academic engagements

For Mentees

  • Are you a graduate student and identify as Black, Indigenous or a Student of Colour, and interested in gaining additional support in your academic and professional development?
  • Do you have any barriers that are not efficiently addressed by your current support systems in graduate school?
  • Do you want to meet other students and learn about the University’s services and resources from another BIPOC graduate student familiar with the UofR?
  • Mentees must have completed 3 or more credit hours in their Master's or PhD program.

For Mentors

  • Are you a BIPOC graduate student who is committed, thoughtful, values confidentiality and provides supportive guidance and constructive feedback?
  • Are you willing to hone your coaching and leadership skills, self-awareness and understanding of your own field?
  • Do you have the passion of giving back, and having a great satisfaction of knowing you are helping another person?
  • Mentors must have completed a minimum 6 credit hours of graduate course work and be willing to “meet” with a mentee twice in the Fall semester for ~30-60 minutes.
  • Mentors will receive a $100 honorarium at the end of the semester.

Way forward

If you answered “YES”, then you qualify for the mentorship program. Our goal is to have a mentor for every mentee - one to one match.

We will match all the mentees with mentors.

Please fill out the Registration Form on this link: