Guides and Handbooks

The guides and handbooks below provide information for each program route. The word version of the document can be used by the student as a template for their own work.

Resources for Practicum route students

Practicum: Practicum Guide (pdf)             Practicum Template (doc)

Resources for Project route students

Project Route: Project Guide (pdf)             Project Report Template (doc)       

Resources for Thesis route students

Thesis Route: Thesis Guide(pdf)            Thesis Template (doc)

Thesis Proposal: Thesis Proposal Outline (pdf) 

PhD Handbook:  PhD Handbook (pdf)                   



 Graduate Student Video Resources



What are Comprehensive Doctoral Exams?  


 Frequently Asked Questions: Graduate Awards and Scholarships


Writing Supports
Frequently Asked Questions: Editing/Writing Sessions


 Virtual Writing Supports Hub

Video Workshops:

Welcome to Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Education

The Basics of APA Style:

Tips for a Better Scholarship Application:

Academic Publishing: