Program & Course FAQ

Most FAQ's can be answered by reviewing the official graduate calendar

1. When can I start my program?

Your may begin your studies according to the terms listed on your official letter of acceptance from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. You cannot begin your studies any earlier.

Students are allowed three terms to start the program. If you require an extension to acceptance, you can fill out a Request for Extension to Acceptance.

2. Is the MEd program a full-time or part-time program?

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Resident Masters Students are considered a full-time student if you register in two courses in a semester. You may also register for part-time studies (one course). You must register for at least once every third semester to remain an active student.

3. Can I take classes outside of my program?

Permission to register in courses outside the prescribed program requires a demonstration of relevance to the program of study and is subject to the approval of the department head and the Dean of FGSR.

Permission must be sought prior to registration in the course.

4. Are there pre-requisites for courses in the Master's programs?

No. Undergraduate classes are not required to take specific classes. Courses may be taken in any order.

5. How long is the program?

Students must complete their program within 5 years in the Master's Thesis route, or 6 years in the Course, Project, or Practicum routes. PhD students must complete their program within 6 years.

6. What are the program routes?

Thesis: This route introduces the student to scholarly activities and independent, original research, and is generally essential to students who wish to study at the doctoral level. Students complete a number of courses and work with their supervisor to complete their thesis, and at the end of their program must successfully defend their thesis.

Project: The project route is designed for applying theory in the field. Projects are typically research-based, though not independently. Students will take required courses before completing a project and project report under a Faculty member's supervision.

Practicum: The practicum provides the student with a practical experience in the field. Students will complete a required number of courses before beginning their practicum and will end their program with a practicum report.

Course: The course-based master's program is provides the student with a non-research route to the degree.

7. Can I transfer routes or switch to a new program?

You may request to switch routes within your program by filling out a request anytime on your student account. Applications to different programs must be processed as a new application, and will only be evaluated after the applicable deadlines.

8. Can I take time off during my program?

A student may request a leave-of-absence (LOA) for up to one year, if due to medical, parental leave, compassionate or other substantive reasons. Once an LOA is approved, the student's account is put on hold and is not subject to fees or tuition.

9. What is a passing grade in the program?

You must get a minimum of 70% to pass a graduate class.


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