Mission Statement

The Faculty of Education serves society by educating classroom teachers, other educators, the wider community, and the public, preparing educational leaders and lifelong learners, providing leadership and support for ongoing education, training and development, conducting innovative educational research, practices and methods in pedagogy, and by initiating and engaging in local, national and international programs and projects in French, English and Indigenous languages. The Faculty of Education is committed to enacting social and ecological justice, indigenization, sustainability, cultural and linguistic diversity, life-long learning, service, outreach and the collaborative processes that flourish in a community of caring and mutual respect. The Faculty's mission embodies commitments to student success, research impact, and community engagement as articulated in the University of Regina Strategic Plan "peyak aski kikawinaw" (One with Mother Earth/Together we are stronger)http://www.uregina.ca/strategic-plan/.

The Faculty of Education aspires to be a leader in innovative and anti-oppressive undergraduate and graduate research, scholarship, teaching, learning and service.

  • Innovative and transformative teaching, learning, research, and service.
  • Research that informs teaching, learning, practice and theory.
  • Accessible, equitable, and inclusive curricular, classroom and community practices.
  • Our individual and collective achievements and expertise.
  • Positive well-being, collegiality, and mutual respect.
  • Development of successful, adaptive, responsive and flexible citizens, teachers and leaders in education.
  • Development of critical consciousness concerning the lives of marginalized colleagues, students, and their families and communities
  • Standing in solidarity with those marginalized by race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, language and other forms of systemic discrimination
  • Respect for and commitment to academic freedom and public engagement.

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