School Division Police Information Check (including vulnerable sector search) & Duty to Report

Criminal Record and Police Information Checks including a Vulnerable Sector Search

From: Xia Ji, Director, Professional Development & Field Experiences

Students accepted into the Faculty of Education, either on a part-time or full-time basis, will be required to obtain a Criminal Record Check (CRC) or Police Information Check (PIC) including a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) before going into any schools or community organizations during the various stages of their field experience and volunteer components of their program. This requirement has been established by the policies of our partnering school boards and community organizations. It applies to students who go out into schools for the first time and to all subsequent placements in schools and community organizations throughout a student’s program.

Students may be required to provide an original copy CRC/PIC (VSS) for each experience in a different school or community organization. This will depend on the governing and relevant policy of each school board or community organization. Students are responsible for the costs associated with obtaining the necessary CRC/PIC (VSS) each time the documentation is required. The same CRC/PIC may be used for ECS 100, ECS 300, EPSF 300, EAE 302, ECS 311, and EPSF 315, provided nothing has changed between field experiences and is accepted by the participating school division.  All interns will require a new CRC/PIC (VSS) specific to their EFLD internship placement. 

Any concerns related to a CRC/PIC (VSS) search should be referred to the Faculty of Education Student Services and the Superintendent of Human Resources/Director of Education designate for the participating school division.

For international students, a CRC/PIC from their home country is useful, but they will require a CRC/PIC (VSS) from the RCMP or city police, as well.  The local CRC/PIC will generally indicate they have resided in other jurisdictions during the past 5 years. Many school divisions, including Regina Public and Regina Catholic Schools, will require international students to make an appointment at their division office to sign an affidavit swearing to no criminal records/charges in any other jurisdictions.  This process must be completed before students begin their field placement experience.

Criminal Record and Police Information Checks including a Vulnerable Sector Search are done through the Canadian Police Information Centre which has access to the criminal data bases of various police organizations.  As of July 16, 2010, the RCMP and local police services have implemented a revised process in securing a CRC/PIC (VSS) using name, birth date, and gender. If a search comes up positive, an individual must consent to be fingerprinted to obtain a CRC/PIC (VSS). Fingerprints are sent to Ottawa to be compared to the criminal record. If there is a possible match to a criminal record, this process can take up to 120 business days.  If no match is found, this process can take 3 business days or less.  Fingerprinting is either done by the local city police service or by the Corp of Commissionaires. There can be a charge for this service that students are responsible for.

Within the city of Regina, if an individual has a conviction, such as a DUI or another criminal code violation, there is a possibility that the Regina Police Service will require a thumb print to be processed. This will take 5-10 days. This process is different within various jurisdictions. It is up to the individual student to find information about the different processes with regard to obtaining a CRC/PIC (VSS).

Although criminal records can be expunged, if the charge is related to sexual criminal activities, it will show up when a Vulnerable Sector Search is included with the CRC/PIC.

Criminal Record and Police Information Check including Vulnerable Sector Search

Where to Obtain a CRC/PIC with Vulnerable Sector Search

Depending on your permanent address (the address that is listed on your I.D.), a CRC/PIC can be requested from your local RCMP detachment or city police service. You may be required to pay for this service. We suggest that you ask for a least two originals as you may be placed in more than one school division for different field assignments. If possible, do not have the CRC/PIC mailed, but pick it up in person.

The RCMP will not give the Vulnerable Sector Search to you. At the same time as you apply for a CRC/PIC, a waiver can be signed that will allow the RCMP to complete a Vulnerable Sector Search and send it to the school division once you have provided the necessary information.

It may take a number of weeks for you to receive a CRC/PIC. The majority of CRC/PIC’s will be completed within a day or two, but some checks will take much longer and may require fingerprinting, even if you have no previous conviction. Applications should be made within 4 months of the start of a field experience.  You will not be permitted to take ECS 100 without a complete CRC/PIC with Vulnerable Sector Search.

When requesting the CRC/PIC, please have the purpose for it included (e.g., University of Regina Student or Field Experience Assignment).  This is a requirement if a field experience is with Regina area schools.  Chinook School Division (Swift Current and South West Saskatchewan area) will reimburse the costs of a CRC/PIC upon the successful completion of a practicum experience.

School Field Experience Placements

Generally, University of Regina field experience placements are arranged in the following school divisions: Regina S.D. #4 (RBE), Regina RCSSD #81 (RCSD), Prairie Valley S.D. #208 (PVSD). Specific requests for other school divisions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and accommodated when possible. Information about your field-based practicum placement will be provided to you in your ECS 100/300/311/350, EAE 302, and EPSF 300/315/350 classes once the field assignments have been completed.

When you go to the school you have been assigned for the first time, you must have the current, original CRC/PIC with you. Students will not be allowed into classrooms without an acceptable CRC/PIC (VSS). In Regina schools, the principal may take a copy of the CRC/PIC and return the original to you.  Please make sure to keep the original CRC/PIC in a safe spot, because you will need it again for future pre-internship or field experience placements.

Although the CRC/PIC used for ECS 100 will be accepted in Regina schools for all ECS classes until internship*, you may be required to sign a form indicating that there have been no changes to your CRC/PIC since the original was submitted. If you are placed in a school division outside of Regina, please check with the school principal or the school division office for information regarding the CRC/PIC policy and procedures.

For the sixteen-week internship field experience, all students require an updated CRC/PIC including a Vulnerable Sector Search.

Duty to Report

If during your time as a full-time or part-time student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina, or prior to becoming a part-time or full-time education student, a criminal charge is brought against you, or you are convicted of a criminal offence such that there would be a change in your CRC/PIC, you are required to report this information immediately, but no later than 48 hours, after you first become aware of the charge or conviction, as follows:

1)   If you are completing a field placement at a school, you must report this information to: your cooperating teacher by phone at the contact number you have secured, followed immediately by written confirmation via e-mail to the cooperating teacher’s email address; and the principal or administrative designate of the school in which you are involved, by phone to the school’s telephone number, followed immediately by written confirmation via e-mail to the principal or administrative designate at such email address as is provided by the principal or administrative designate.

2)     If you are placed in a community organization for volunteer purposes, you must report this information to: the contact person in your organization who helped you secure your volunteer position by phone at the contact number you have secured for this person, followed immediately by written confirmation via e-mail to this same person at his or her email address; and the head or principal of the organization in which you are involved, by phone at the contact number you have for this person, followed immediately by written confirmation via e-mail to this person, or his or her designate, at such email address as is provided by the head or principal or his or her designate.

3)     If a criminal charge is brought against you or you are convicted of a criminal offence such that there would be a change in your CRC/PIC, there may be adverse consequences to your status as a part-time or full-time student in the Faculty of Education which may ultimately result in you not being able to complete the field component of your teacher education program. This will depend upon the nature and circumstances of the charge or conviction. This, in turn, could potentially jeopardize your ability to successfully complete your degree program in the Faculty of Education. The ultimate determination of whether the student with a positive CRC/PIC can be allowed to perform or continue his or her teacher education in the field will be made exclusively by the hosting school board and/or community organization.

4)    Failure to report any criminal conviction and/or outstanding charges that have occurred since the date of the original CRC/PIC (VSS) may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the field placement, either in a school or community organization. This will depend upon the governing school board’s or community organization’s policy.


Additional Information – Please read carefully

         1)  CRC/PICs are only completed on students who are over the age of 18.
         2)  Please forward the names of students who are not 18 to the PD office and we will prepare the schools for students who need the "School Division – CRC/PIC form".
         3)  CRC/PICs are a requirement of the school divisions, not the Faculty of Education - University of Regina, and students must take the original CRC/PIC with them on the first day of a field experience.
         4)  The principal may copy the CRC/PIC and return the original to the student. No CRC/PIC = no field   placement.
         5)  Do not return the CRC/PIC’s to the Faculty of Education or to your ECS instructor.  Students are responsible for these records themselves.
         6)  The cost of the CRC/PIC varies in each jurisdiction. If you have any concerns or considerations about the Police Information Check, please contact Student Services at 306-585-4521.