Education Students' Society

Welcome education students new and old!!! It is our goal as the Education Students' Society (E.S.S.) of the University of Regina executive to serve you! How you may ask? We want to create a welcoming and supportive community for education students, as well as ensure that you have a great time at the U of R and as a fellow education student!

Every education student is a member of the E.S.S., and we strongly encourage you to get involved within the society. The elected executive council members are your advocates! The executive is a group of hard working and dedicated students who organize and plan events & opportunities for all education students. The executive members also sit on various committees ensuring that student voice is heard.  While an elected executive council heads the E.S.S., your input, assistance, and support are encouraged and most welcome.

Because you are an education student, make sure that you take advantage of all the perks! You are encouraged to take advantage of the E.S.S. lounge (ED 191, Education Building). The E.S.S. also provides a multitude of social events and professional development opportunities  To keep updated, please check our blog frequently!

2016-2017 Executive

Here is your current E.S.S. Executive and Council. If you are interested in learning about a position and/or volunteering for a position, please contact the President.


President – Jennifer Brouwers
VP Professional Affairs – Riley Arseneau
VP Communications – Aysha Yaqoob
VP Social – Conor Woolley
VP Finance – Dacy Vance
Secretary – vacant

General Council

Social Rep:
Social Rep:
Communications Rep:
Professional Affairs Rep:
Professional Affairs Rep:
STF Rep:
STF Rep:
Finance Rep:
Project Connect Rep:
Project Connect Rep:
Elementary Rep:
Middle Years Rep:
Secondary Rep:
Arts Education Rep:
Music Education Rep:
Baccalauréat en education Rep:
UR S.T.A.R.S. Rep:
Mentorship Director:
Mentorship Director: